So Far



Gazing silently at the horizon… listening to my heart

All my thoughts escaped

At peace


All my thoughts escaped

But only for a moment


For they shall return

They shall come flooding into my mind

Harkening to my soul

Bombarding me with feelings

Regret, longing, memories, failures… want


I see it 

Where I envision myself


I feel it

My Soul waits in confusion

Two lives 

Two desires

One pure 

One tainted

My soul waits in contemplation


It doesn’t know what to feel

So much has simply passed




knowledge simply slipping though the mind

landing on the wings of an angel

she waits

arms reaching to entrust the moments lost

“your answers”

she waits


I get tired of looking

The horizon so far away

Of all my wants

Of all my searching

I want to be complete

I want to be one 

Mind and Soul

Letting the ego go


Yet it is so far

One must travel the endless journey

To meet the horizon

This journey

Is life

And life

As the horizon

is infinite

Let us live

Journey to the end of the world

It may be far

So far

It may be

Let it be