A smile

A true smile
A gentle flex of the fragile muscles surrounding the mouth.
Are we too busy to notice? Have you ever shared a smile? Try it, try to share, spread a good feeling between strangers. We are all strangers, we all need to feel. Let me feel your smile.
Sometimes I am amazed at the way we treat each other. Mostly too busy to notice the tears. Mostly occupied with lifeโ€™s trivialities. Take a minute. Lend a hand. Share a smile. Hold a door for a stranger. Live in the same time with the rest of the world. We must do little things, not only for personal gratification, but for the world. Share yourself. Donโ€™t be scared.

Is there life in a smile? What do you think?

13 responses to “A smile

  1. Oh yes, most definitely there is life, and love and so much beauty to behold.
    A smile creates the environment of happiness where ever it goes, can never have enough of that!!!

  2. You’ve made me appreciate how wonderful a place I live in. When I go for my morning walks everyone smiles at each other in passing and says hello. At work we all smile and chat. I hadn’t really noticed it until this post – but there are many smiles in my life. What a blessing ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜›

    One of my friends has a tagline on her emails – *smiling at you* – I think that is really nice.

  3. I caught up on all your beautiful and soul searching words!

    Smiles create “heart lifts” for both the giver and the receiver. I recently discovered something else…a smile is an instant face lift too. hee, hee Look in the mirror and try it..I was amazed. Let alone how healing smiles are for body and soul.
    Even Ringo (remember him..my dog guru) knows about smile energies, and he seems to know when I need one. :>

    Sending you energies of love, light, and smiles.

  4. Such sweet thoughts, it often amazes me just how quickly we zip through life all rushing to go someplace, yet at the end of all actually going no where, and I can not help but wonder why we miss so much, we miss the hidden beauty.
    One of the things I find so powerful about the blogging world, we come we read each others thoughts, we take time and effort to leave a comment (a smaile), over time we share our pain, our thoughts are happiness with people we do have never met, yet in the cold harsh world or real time we barely even know our neighbours, a smile is lost forgotten on the shelf. The funny thing is though if we were all to meet, the peoples blogs we frequent, the people we have grown to know, standing side by side in a bar a pub…we probably would not even speak.
    So many missed chances, so many hidden lifes, and all it takes is a little thought a smile a comment and the whole world would turn faster, better from darkness comes light!

  5. Zenuria~ sounds lovely… i can not say we share the same… here although there are beautiful people everywhere… i notice it when people smile… it is not a common sight… simply too busy with life… perhaps

    Gypsy~ Love your words… brought a big smile to my eyes… felt your smile… thank you

    ~duma key~ your words brought a sad smile… not sad but a knowing smile… there are so many smiles to be shared… true you speak of the connections made through this medium… yet this is not much different than life… we still wear masks yet here we share our souls and share the smiles of our minds… thank you for your comment… i understand each and every word…

    “โ€ฆwe probably would not even speak.”
    So true… perhaps we would not need to…

  6. You definitely put out on how the people of the world are functioning at present. They have become so oblivious to people around them. Emotions have really taken a backseat in everyone so called list of priorities. Most of us have forgotten what “living” is really about. Our lives have become so materialistic that we literally have become “robots with a heart”.

    Still I couldn’t agree more to the fact that on a sad day if anyone smiles at you it does tend to erase some part of your pain. You will certainly have atleast a moment of happiness surround you. So if someone can make your day better why can’t we?

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  8. ~nemesis~ you have a beautiful light in your words… a vision of hope and sadness… thank you for sharing yourself… we perhaps should heed your words… they have much wisdom

    ~sanity~ indeed they can

    ~ rainer~ thank you… all smiles!

    ~Cordie~ you always give me joy

    Michael~ a very large world… beautiful indeed… ๐Ÿ™‚

    LOVE YOU ALL!!! thank you for brining me joy~!!!

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