What if tomorrow never comes. What then? What if you went to bed and there was no waking up? It happens all the time. I am not truly worried about dying…I am however concerned about not living. Not accomplishing what I feel I was meant to. What truly matters? Why do we make goals and procrastinate. My issue is always thinking about the future and not responding to the now. If I were to die tomorrow I would regret not acting on my thoughts and wasting so much time.

What would you regret?

7 responses to “Tomorrow

  1. ~rainer~ indeed it is, i would feel sorrow for the same reasons…

    ~sanity~ isn’t that the way? never enough living… we should perhaps name it something else… let us think…

  2. Most of us seem to live for the future and not for the now. Making a list of things I’d regret were I to not wake up tomorrow would be a good exercise to determine what is really important.

    I know I would regret never reaching my potential and never really determining my true purpose in this incarnation. So hard to make your dreams come true when you can’t identify them clearly.

  3. What I would regret more than anything else I believe, is not to have had that miracle – that opportunity to truly love and be loved by another – to share our lives, thoughts, dreams and hopes. That love, support and nourishment that two people can give each other. TO cherish and be cherished.

    That I already do regret and will continue to regret until that wonderful day when it is within my reach.

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  5. I think I would be saddened. I do love so much of the world I know. Perhaps I will have a different perspective over the horizon. I’m sure we can never do all that we dream to do . . . so we can only do the best we can in each moment.

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