The Night

Our haven awaits
Among nights open gates

The skies abundant black
No light or turning back

Our starless fortress
Our moon forsaken home

Alone in reflection
Alone in Old

Unaware of illumination
Ignorant to the light

Kept by the darkness
Veiled by the night

In this place
Light has no face

In this time
Light will not shine

It was not always so
The stars and sun did once glow

Where did they go?
No one seems to know

We seem to have forgotten
Question no more…

What purpose for this light?
What reason for this night?

3 responses to “The Night

  1. This darkness may reveal a finer kind of light.

    We have already begun to trancend the light of the world…
    What shall we trancend next?
    Purpose, reason and knowing?
    Will we learn to see the light of the heart.

    (((mossy))) I believe we shall… thank you for your words… they are beautiful

  2. Your words are so beautiful and deep.

    Do you know the 3 questions that God often asks of himself/herself every day?

    ‘Who am I?
    What am I doing here?
    Where is all this leading to?

    Peace and honour to you.


    ps. I accidently posted this under your previous entry :0

    (((cyrus))) fixed it! thank you for your thoughts and words… they mean a great deal… peace and honor received and reciprocated 🙂

  3. I saw that you stopped by mine and I decided to stop by yours. I see what you mean by aspiring. This poem is beautiful. The words were woven together in a way beyond my comprehension. I can see that you are a very intellectual person. I will be stopping by more in the future to see more of your work.

    Thank you for this opportunity,


    (((aikou))) thank you my friend… and welcome! If there is anything you need, feel free to stop by… I shall be around 😉

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