Once more

I pray you can hear me
I pray you can see me
I pray you can feel me

the way I am

I pray you can follow me
I pray you can shadow me
I pray you can be with me

the way I am

I wait for you
I wait for an answer
I wait for a whisper

Can you hear me?
Can you speak to me?

Once more

Can you make me understand?
Teach to me your language?
Can you save me?

Once more

I asked of you answers
You patiently answered
You spoke so clearly
You spoke yet I cannot remember

Can you remember?
In my dream
Can you remember?

Once more

You made me forget

Was I not ready?
Not meant to remember?
My mind unclear

Was it another language?

For only my soul to hear
I felt solace
I felt whole
You shared that with me…

Why did you make me forget?
Was it meant to be this way
It felt so perfect,

It felt so near

I understood… for the first time

I ask of you once more

Why did you make me forget?

I ask of you once more

Was I not ready?

I am ready, speak to me once more…
Speak to me clearly
Be with me forever

Once more

7 responses to “Once more

  1. If you listen…in perfect silence
    The one that has spoken
    will speak once more…

    Another beautiful piece! I love it when you ask all those questions – a sense of lost and realization…

    (((glaize))) I wait to hear the voice once more… thank you for being here on my journey… I have been responding to all the comments and am so blessed to have all of you here… thank you

  2. Nice,

    Some part remembers, another part not.

    Trust the invisible, the unlikely, the ephemeral, the most insignificant part of yourself. It is still there. Let the gross “I” drift away with the current and turn the other way.

    (((mossy))) your words are elegant and beautiful… I felt a tug at my heart… it was my soul… telling me to listen to you… namaste

  3. Ah..the Journey….

    This is SO beautiful Enreal…thank you for sharing your heart with us.

    Energies of Love and Light to you!

    (((gypsy))) it is all about the journey!

  4. ((( Enreal )))

    This is so beautiful. I sometimes wonder myself, about all the things I’ve forgotten. It’s weird. It’s almost easier (sometimes) to remember HOW and WHEN the ‘info’ came, than the info itself.

    I’m thinking you’re going to be hearing real SOON – like…now! XOXOX

    (((Grace))) I heard it too!!! thank you! peace and love and light my dear friend

  5. I am not reading this , enreal .
    It sounds very private .


    (((akash))) my life is private… it is what I wish to share behind this veil… behind enreal…

  6. Thank you ‘enreal’ for visiting my blog.

    You have a beautiful blog.

    Your words are very captivating, celebrating love in its various manifestations. Keep it up.

    Peace and honour to you.


    (((cyrus))) thank you and welcome… I think the feelings are mutual… your words are a blessing as well… peace and honour to you

  7. To speak eloquently about God is merely
    the clever trick of a trained monkey,
    but it is a heart of gold
    that makes constant efforts to look for him.

    (((mossy))) wisdom my friend is in your eyes and heart… thank you for shining your light among us

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