She has come

Here I am, vulnerable to the dark
Here I lay, hiding like a shadow in light
Here I cry, like a coward I fight

Is it time, time to let go
It is time, she has come to take me
It is time, she carries me as an infant

Do I have to carry you
Can I live without you
Shall I die without you

Let me die, if all is without you
As dark comes out of light
Nothing comes out of dark

Take apart all that I am
Leave behind the pieces of my heart
Leave me to my shattered art

She has come
It is time
Time to carry on…

4 responses to “She has come

  1. She has come to take you .
    Can it be more beautiful , enreal ?


    (((akash))) More beautiful than this, no… thank you for always showing me what I can not always see…

  2. A beautiful piece, Enreal :]

    As out from the light
    A hand reached out
    A beckoning call
    The silent cry

    Indeed, it is beautiful, m’dear :]

    (((glaize))) thank you my friend… I heard the silent cry… it deafened my soul, a second of pure bliss

  3. Sounds like the dark night of the soul experience…

    Sometimes everything we are and know needs to be shaken up, torn down… such pain involved but ultimately rewarding if we can build anew in the light.

    You spread such light, Enreal, to help pierce the shadows of our lives.

    (((Zenuria))) you bestow onto me your beautiful thoughts… thank you my friend for shining your light on an otherwise dark day…

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