Angles are gathering

They listen contently

They feel with our knowledge

They hurt with our mistakes


Ignorant of time

Aware of Life

Understanding only God

Seeing only Light


They hear cries

They see sacrifice

They see strife

They see 

Yet to them it matters not

They see, they feel 

its all relative to angles

To them Life is a gift


They are misunderstood
As is Father

They do not judge
Neither does Father

Cant they see our lives falter?

when will they learn?
Cant they see we are tired?

when will they feel?
Cant they relay the messages?
Cant they tell Father?

When will the know?
They are His eyes and ears

They do not understand

To them Life is a Gift

A gift to us

A gift of burden

A beautiful burden


Catch us
We are falling
From Grace
From our sanctuary

Tell our Father
Tell our God


Angels read these words and understand

5 responses to “Angels

  1. Dear Enreal.
    Thank you for the wonderful verses. Your hearty words create the miracle by portraying the truth – while reading your poetry, I unexpectedly sensed myself free from my worries and discovered the light under my window. The sunbeam entered in… Thank you, dear Enreal.

    (((Tomas))).. you need never thank me… if it were not you nor any other. How would I find inspiration and hope in this crazy world…

  2. The human kingdom evolves through pain and suffering. The deva kingdom (in which angels are a highly evolved being) learn through love and joy…

    I picked the wrong kingdom for sure.

    But we are made up of lesser devas (our bodies) and higher devas (our soul) – we are all intertwined and live and learn and grow and evolve together. They help us and we help them. We are inseparable.

    (((Zen))) fascinating!!! the human kingdom…I shall have to look into this…

  3. I believe the angels are reading this and printing copies, distributing among them. :] I can hear mine whisper “Looks like we got another call.”

    This is…breathtakingly true. Your words, Enreal relieved me.

    (((glaize))) you made me smile… thank you!!!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful poem Angel, Enreal. Today I will make the Angels smile.

    Peace, Light and Love,

    (((Cordie)))) you make the angels smile daily! 🙂

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