With a sense of adventure
I begin my endeavor

In my mind I drift
Towards a mission

A journey

An expedition 

Time will be best

Lest it run on our future quest


The dream that soars
Constantly changing
Forever evolving

I slip into subconscious worlds
I drift into my souls abyss
I look out across the minds oceans

I know not where I am
I care not where I am

Here we are free
Free in a subconscious prison
Free to our souls mission

For what truly is freedom

We as Earth and sky
We as Wind and air
We as Ocean and sea
We as Ice and Fire

We play our souls desire
Forever changing landscape
Forever growing in our minds
All to be brought forth in phantasmagoria
All in a fumbled attempt to recreate

Then we slip back to consciousness
We slip back to our waking worlds
We leave our temporary haven
As we wake
As we open our eyes….

We slip away from the grasp of our Soul

Escaping our Prison 

In Utopia


Its Phantasmagoria