Enreal’s Tale

Enreal’s Ever changing tale… 

We watch the sky from our Cafe Philos. Then our gaze travels to Aeode, she’s musing. What a Candleday indeed to think free on Earth’s pages, on our esoteric journey, with a gypsy hearti wish i could tell you… These indeed are idea’s worth spreading. They are a journey to the minds eye, hardly a just ordinary karma web

In the labyrinth of life, live love whateverjust look in the mirror… the reading of love letters… then mirror cracked… with demure restraint I catch these moments in time… as a muse catchermusings of the night… then turns the smokey mirror… almost perfect, spasmically perfect… on the Surface Earth, we meet the corner, the corner where the heart may speak… speak to the necromancer by the pear tree…or was it the wild pomegranate

To be meto be or not to be is the real questionfor truth is volatile… 


Thank you all for sharing my tale… it paints a pretty picture… it fits as perfectly as a puzzle… A thank you to all which make me whole… Enreal


1. the times you looked at the world and said: “now, there! there is God!”
2. the first time you sat in your room listening to your favorite singer while having a glass of wine by candlelight, watching the shadows dance on the wall
3. the first time you realized that things do always work out for the better in the end.
4. the first time you felt your soul as part of the primordial, eternal universe
5. the first time that for no reason at all, you felt so happy that you started crying
6. the first time you realized you loved someone so much that you hoped they would pass on before you do just so they don’t have to go through the pain of losing you.
7. the first time you realized that you would die for someone.
8. the first time God answered a prayer.
9. the first time you wish he hadn’t
10. waiting for the first snow of winter so you didn’t have to go to school that day.
11. the first time you went to the beach
12. the first time you heard nothing except for the wind
13. how you came to realize that your most insignificant action affects everyone.
14. the first time you refrained from speaking and waited for the right time
15. how it feels to let go.
16. how you realized that the difficult choice is always the right one.
17. the first time you did something nice for someone and didn’t tell them it was you.
18. the first time someone surprized you by doing something nice for you for no reason at all
19. how it feels to give someone hope when they have none.
20. how it feels to sit in the summertime grass listening to the hum of the bees
21. how it feels to be so little that you have to climb on top of the kitchen cabinets to get a glass
22. how it felt to be so fascinated by something like buttons or pictures in a book
23. first time you realized that no matter what, you really are indestructible
24. how you came to realize that God really does love you and that you need only accept it and let it all go.
25. how you came to realize that it was always there, inside of you.

My sister, a beautiful and loving soul sent me this list, so I will never forget. Something to think over this weekend… Hope it is full of light and love… just remember…