Unconditional Love

In memory of my Father… This month will be dedicated to him… his birthday… the second since he has been gone… I will be posting thoughts and poetry for him… to acknowledge him 

June 14th 1948 -December 18, 2006


The ultimate expression of love I find in silence… thoughts… unshared emotions… they resonate deep within. Only after silence and time do these true underlying feelings emerge… 


Sometimes they arise from frailty and complete release… at a moment of vulnerability… when your mold is about to shatter… there is a hand… a spirit… a force… holding you together…


The ultimate expression of love can not be known first hand… it can only be given under the perfect circumstance… 


I have only seen this once, and it was only a fraction of what it could have been… it was a beautiful fraction…


This expression came to me in a glance… it came to me when I had lost the one thing I cherished the most… my father… it was a glance, I believe my father was behind those eyes… as I lay sobbing, I looked up … it was him behind his eyes… I am not mistaking love for sorrow, helplessness, pity… it was unconditional love, but I know not how to explain further… I saw a glance, a moment 


I share this with you in order to explain… unconditional love can not be given or taken away… it is shared, it remains in essence and in the Soul… it is revealed… in small quantities… when we need it most…


Unconditional love is a strong force, imagine the entirety of it…

4 responses to “Unconditional Love

  1. I am holding back tears… This is such a lovely gesture… I’m sure he’s in a better place and all your feelings are mutual… God Bless…

    (((nikhil))) God Bless You

  2. It was two weeks ago he came to visit me. I was sitting quietly and meditating and was overwhelmed by his energy. HIs pure and innocent joy filled my body. It was similar to what i felt the morning he left and I was on my way to you. Similar, but different.
    Two years ago, he showed me his joy, but he was saying good-bye and unappologetically so. This time, it was his love for me that I felt. The love that initially he couldn’t show, and later on I couldn’t feel. It was so strong that I started crying. He stuck around for a few minutes and then it was gone.

    I wonder: did he visit you just before? And when you felt overwhelmed with love for him, did you recognize it as a visit from him or dismis it as merely you missing him?

  3. What a beautiful and profound post! The energies of others can be accessed by us but only if we are open to it and you got a great gift by being just that.

    (((evita))) i believe you see the purpose and meaning of life…

  4. Indeed, of all the loves, an unconditional love is the greatest of all, like the love our Father has for us. Unconditional love – often overlooked but when we finally saw it, it is the most beautiful thing, the strongest force…

    When it is shared, oh I dare not to imagine because I know…when it is shared, it’s something you can never explain.

    God bless your father’s soul. I’m sure he watches over you all. Smiling when he knows he is remembered. Smiling because he loves you. God bless.

    (((glaize))) when you speak these words, I get a tear in my eye… I smile and want to cry… Thank You… it is an affirmation… my father is behind your words, as he is my thoughts… Blessing and light to you always, you are a light in my life.

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