1. the times you looked at the world and said: “now, there! there is God!”
2. the first time you sat in your room listening to your favorite singer while having a glass of wine by candlelight, watching the shadows dance on the wall
3. the first time you realized that things do always work out for the better in the end.
4. the first time you felt your soul as part of the primordial, eternal universe
5. the first time that for no reason at all, you felt so happy that you started crying
6. the first time you realized you loved someone so much that you hoped they would pass on before you do just so they don’t have to go through the pain of losing you.
7. the first time you realized that you would die for someone.
8. the first time God answered a prayer.
9. the first time you wish he hadn’t
10. waiting for the first snow of winter so you didn’t have to go to school that day.
11. the first time you went to the beach
12. the first time you heard nothing except for the wind
13. how you came to realize that your most insignificant action affects everyone.
14. the first time you refrained from speaking and waited for the right time
15. how it feels to let go.
16. how you realized that the difficult choice is always the right one.
17. the first time you did something nice for someone and didn’t tell them it was you.
18. the first time someone surprized you by doing something nice for you for no reason at all
19. how it feels to give someone hope when they have none.
20. how it feels to sit in the summertime grass listening to the hum of the bees
21. how it feels to be so little that you have to climb on top of the kitchen cabinets to get a glass
22. how it felt to be so fascinated by something like buttons or pictures in a book
23. first time you realized that no matter what, you really are indestructible
24. how you came to realize that God really does love you and that you need only accept it and let it all go.
25. how you came to realize that it was always there, inside of you.

My sister, a beautiful and loving soul sent me this list, so I will never forget. Something to think over this weekend… Hope it is full of light and love… just remember…

14 responses to “Remember…

  1. It’s a great list. One to carry with you in your back pant pocket, and every morning transplant into your clean pair of pants, and then when you’ve almost forgotten what it says, take it out, on the subway, at the park, waiting in line to get your driver’s license renewed and be grateful all over again.

    PS. My sister wrote me some lines once, have to now go and dig them out too…..

    (((Spaz)))… I know, it feels good to remember

  2. All the same , I must confess that these feel good words sound
    preachy and empty ……

    Everyone goes about life as best as they can .
    Those who say these words perhaps need to be reassured .


  3. I don’t see much light in these words , enreal .
    I am being honest.
    They sound like a cover up for some guilt.

    For someone who goes about their life honestly ,
    these words are redundent .

    I feel that way.


  4. The words sound like they are covering up guilt.
    Perhaps your posting of the words .
    Perhaps the tone of your asking ……..

    Could be wrong .
    But these hunches have rarely failed me.
    they could still …..

    This post does not flow from heart .
    It could also be just the fault of my perception .

    You know the truth .
    Keep the truth to yourself .
    It will flow someday.


  5. enreal ,

    Was the removal of question about being guilty intentional ?
    The diversion of new post too ?
    Playing to the gallery ?


    (((akash)))… who are you playing to… I am done with this game, I feel your energy differently today… why?

  6. @Enreal.

    25. How it felt when you drew and woite on the underside of the coffee table, thinking no one will ever see it, while you’re laying on the floor. (My drawing are still under that old coffee table)

    26. How you felt when you thought there were real people inside of the “tv set”

    27. How you felt the first time you were able to blow bubbles with a wand.

    28. How you felt when you laid in the grass and watched the clouds so long it made you feel dizzy.

    29. How you felt, the first time you tasted vanilla twirl ice cream on a cone.

    30 How you felt, hearing the ice-cream truck song when it came in the neighborhood.

    {{{{{Feel good stuff indeed}}}}}} Your sister’s and your sharing of these memories envoked some feel good memories within me – and I certainly needed them today!

    Again, Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . Have a Super Friday!!!!!

    (((Cordie))) You indeed light up my pages, your energy is amazing… I love your list… I shall have to update my memories… Bless you always!

  7. There has been no game ever .
    You know it . You had put a question to which I answered .
    Then I found that the question was removed .
    Is it true ?

    The search is still on.
    It will not end .


  8. It is a beautiful list. A list of moments of being. These few moments may be all that we take with us.

    (((mossy)))… then indeed we are blessed… thank you

  9. I love, love this list. Especially nr 24 & 25!
    First time experiences are the most powerful, every time the experience is repeated, it grows weaker. Being able to remember how your first icecream melted in your mouth or how that first kiss tasted is a gift. Never let anyone take that away from you. Hold it close to your heart and treasure it. Thank you for sharing

    (((Norea))) You are welcome… I am happy to have brought back memories…

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