Enreal’s Tale

Enreal’s Ever changing tale… 

We watch the sky from our Cafe Philos. Then our gaze travels to Aeode, she’s musing. What a Candleday indeed to think free on Earth’s pages, on our esoteric journey, with a gypsy hearti wish i could tell you… These indeed are idea’s worth spreading. They are a journey to the minds eye, hardly a just ordinary karma web

In the labyrinth of life, live love whateverjust look in the mirror… the reading of love letters… then mirror cracked… with demure restraint I catch these moments in time… as a muse catchermusings of the night… then turns the smokey mirror… almost perfect, spasmically perfect… on the Surface Earth, we meet the corner, the corner where the heart may speak… speak to the necromancer by the pear tree…or was it the wild pomegranate

To be meto be or not to be is the real questionfor truth is volatile… 


Thank you all for sharing my tale… it paints a pretty picture… it fits as perfectly as a puzzle… A thank you to all which make me whole… Enreal

22 responses to “Enreal’s Tale

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you so much for including me on your journey, Sweet Angel of Light.

    (((Grace))) How could I not include you, your light is amazing, your knowledge profound, and your energy is beautiful… I am honored my friend!

  2. How very creative, and I whole HEARTedly agree with Grace!!

    I am so happy to be included in the painting of your ever changing tale!

    Thank you for BEING!

    (((gypsy))) you are ever so welcome, let us continue to grow… forever

  3. This is so beauitful and you are part of my journey as well.

    (((goldenferi))) I know, and I am proud! Bless you for sharing your journey!

  4. Enreal, you’ve just made my day! I am so honored to be included in your tale!

    (((paul))) I am so happy I made your day! Thank You Paul… it is I who should be honored

  5. This is an amazing piece of work, my friend… I’m glad to have figured in your journey, if only to give you company along some very lonely stretches of road… Thanks so much… Peace! 🙂

    we are all part of a journey…
    it leads to the same place…
    we are all connected by something…
    something one day we shall face…
    Let us live as one, in peace… we are travelers of Life… enjoy the adventure!

  6. Oh my, what a wonderful honour it is that I be included in your tale!. It’s very creative and beautifully written 🙂 To have the opportunity to stand amongst these blessed souls, I’ll be smiling forever.

    Oh, Enreal, thank you – I’ll be travelling down the road with you and with the others as far as Father Time allows me to.

    (((glaize))) Father time shall one day rest, lest it not be the end of our journey, we shall ravel forever! I hope you do smile forever my friend, we need the light!

  7. Enreal,
    You did a great job with this. I love your creativity! Thank-you.

    (((Mark)))… Thank You my friend… it seems to have fit perfectly… I am sure I will continue to morph it… and thats awesome… it is Life…

  8. ~big smile~
    Now what more could i possibly add?
    Creative? ~with out a doubt!
    Loving?~With out end!
    The continuing circle of giving and growing? as always a shining example!
    You touch my days and make my heart smile…
    What wonder it is to be part of your words, part of your spiral…
    I am blessed!

    (((sorrow))) you make ME smile. I always speak of energy, I really do feel it… I feel a beautiful energy from your words… it is pure and bright… bless you my friend, for I am blessed by you!

  9. Thanks so much Angel Enreal for including me into your journey. Your journey includes so many wonderful expressions of life – (the names reflect some profoundly creative creations of God. I am honored to be among of them. I’ve found many profound creations through clicking your blog roll–Thank you. Continue your most creative and peaceful energy Enreal – I do so look forward to them each day. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    (((Cordie)))… Thank You so much, your words do mean a great deal… I am blessed to have “met” all those along my journey. I have read, learned, shared with these souls and have grown… All of you brighten my days…

  10. wonderful to be gazed upon, even briefly…thank you

    (((aeode))) I would gaze upon you for eternity… your soul shines as bright as the sun… even in the darkest of night…

  11. Dearest Enreal,
    Thank you so much for including us on your journey.
    Brilliant and beautiful use of creativity.
    You always inspire.
    I am so glad our paths have crossed.
    Brightest blessings

    (((99PPP))) As am I… for always! Brightest blessings received and returned!!

  12. I feel honored and blessed that my story fuels you.
    Thank you for walking beside me on my journey.
    Thank you for letting me share in yours.
    May God shine his face upon you and give you peace.

    (((Norea))) Thank You. Your words mean a great deal to me… May God shine His face on us all…

  13. This was a cleverly creative piece. Excellent connections made!

    PS It left me wondering how I could possibly weave Becker-Posner into a sentence which also features LanguageLog.. 🙂 Some pieces are best when kept separate.

    (((Shafaly… 😀 You are too funny! I am sure out of all the creative minds I’ve met… you would be the one that could make that work… 😉

  14. Enreal,

    I don’t know why it took me so long to see this . . . well, maybe I do. Karma lead me to it today though. It is wonderful and I am honored to have been included.

    Your gift lighten my heart when I most needed it. Doubts and fears were threatening, but you have blown them away like a gentle breeze.

    Belated Thanks.

    (((Miss Dee))) So nice to hear from you… Life has a funny way of surprising us with moments… Your words blew to me tonight when I felt doubt and uncertainty… an endless cycle… thank you my friend… always

  15. I’m glad to be a part of your journey. Sometimes when we are writing the words, because we need so badly to put them somewhere, we don’t realize the effects we have on others.

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