Conversation with Soul

… I was just thinking… throwing around your ideas… playing with your different emotions, attempting to understand them better…

Understand emotions better? How can that possibly be? Do you not feel them, do you not cry when I cry? Laugh when I laugh? I think we speak in different tongues…

… I would assume the correct term would be alien… I am Soul… I am connected with and without… I am Soul… I feel, yet not in the way you do… I feel in the form of energy, not negative not positive… simply energy… the more powerful an emotion… the more driven I am to feel… emotions are my food… I crave… you could not understand… not now at least…

Is the paradox here language? Do we not mean what we mean… You speak, I understand, yet the context is not there… not in the same sense… I see the sun, yet to you it is a doorway to Life… I see the sky, yet to you it is a painting from God…

… Indeed… you see, you are my instrument… you are my charge… you are the only thing in this reality that makes me connect… you teach me with no lessons… you show me with your eyes… I listen with you and am by your side… ever translating you are no interpreter… I must learn… with each life… I must learn…

You speak of each life… when I die… do we not go together? You Soul… are we not one?

… My Enreal… we are, yet I know not how to show you… simply try to find, that place inside… all is inside…
… All will be revealed… when I learn… it is embedded… we are one… I am your Soul alone… yet I can connect with others…
… You see, ultimately… that is our purpose… learn and share… be at peace… we are all one, yet individual by the same right… we are all connected, yet separated by design…

I understand that I am and I understand that you are… there are no words to describe what we are or how Life truly works… am I correct? Shall I understand that this is beyond me… these words and meanings I am searching for are written in a book I can not read… are spoken with a voice I can not hear… or simply is it time… I have not reached that time yet? It is too soon…

… It is too soon, as I said all will be revealed… I can not find the words… I am waiting for your emotions… one day you will feel and I will speak…

6 responses to “Conversation with Soul

  1. I am tempted to join the conversation .
    May I ?

    Please give me some time .
    I need to take it in . I need to feel . I need to connect .
    I need to learn .
    And I need to quietly reflect , all by myself .
    I must confess that I truly don’t understand .
    So I may take an infinity , like the steps in my cyber home ,
    which never reach .
    I may misunderstand , for I am not sure I believe in a soul.
    I will try my best .
    Still , I’m afraid that this realm is beyond my reach .
    I am also a little skeptical , a little positive.
    I prefer the path of detachment – a fine , graceful detachment
    which accepts all , but is not touched by any .
    I prefer the path of a hot , rocky road .
    I prefer to walk barefoot , till the blisters can no more be tolerated .
    I remember a wonderful experience of doing it on a long road to a temple .
    I was totally at peace .
    I need a conversation which replicates that .
    I need a life which is that .
    Perhaps I am looking for it in all my wanderings and incomplete conversations.
    I am happy to be just searching and never finding .


    (((akash))) I love where this conversation is going… this is you? or is this soul? I think it is great I can not differentiate

  2. How lovely. It’s amazing when one could converse with another within itself. it helps to understand itself better. After all, you are your own best friend…or worst enemy – or both, depending on the matter concerned.

    Regards to both of you, the Body and the Soul.
    Much love.

    (((Glaize))) I find these conversations come naturally, they flow as I write and I feel them… I truly do…

  3. I found this fascinating and beautiful Enreal!

    ” we are all one, yet individual by the same right… we are all connected, yet separated by design”

    This is the part that I so struggle with..why designed this way? We seem to not only be separated from each other by design, but from what lies within ourselves beyond the form. Why was that necessary? Does that make sense?

    As I said recently..I am muddling through all this. so please forgive me I am just “thinking” out loud again. :O

    Thank you for sharing this, and for the energy of love here!

    (((gypsy heart))) I believe your questions to be the root of all answers… keep questioning, I do… one day all will be revealed… all will coexist… Keep thinking out loud here… your words are beautiful and inspirational…

  4. my soul is lost in limbo. i set it their to wait for me. I feel disconnected from myself. in the attempt to save my soul from myself.

    (((carmen))) save not yourself… lest we leave your soul… beautiful yet sad…. Thank you Carmen

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