4 responses to “Choose how to Live your Life

  1. A truly inspirational and moving video……………a wonderful deep individual.

    Thanks for sharing.

    (((Alan))) thanks for watching… each individual this reaches is a victory for this man… his message is one of hope, purpose and desire for helping… touching each of us… he wishes to share happiness… that is his final wish… that is beautiful

  2. Dear enreal ,

    He has moved beyond death into life .
    Truly inspiring .

    Thank you for posting it ,


    (((Akash))).. glad you found inspiration

  3. oh, someone sent this to me a week ago or so and I found it HUGELY inspirational and meaningfilled. THANK YOU for sharing it!!!


    (((Grace))) I must have watched this 10 times yesterday… it truly put my life into perspective… all these feelings I have had… I have no right to complain… feel, yes… but complain… absolutely not… This was a sad, yet purposeful reminder of the power we have and what is truly important…

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