Intriguing…this curious thing.
It breathes my air, takes my space, drinks my water, carries a place.

Intriguing…this curious thing.
It seems as if emotion gathers, it seems as if thought forms, it seems as if it holds secrets.

Intriguing…this curious thing.
It appears beautiful, as if designed by an artist, flawless perfection. As if it holds secrets.

Intriguing…this curious thing.
It holds true what I see.
This curious thing, it has fooled me.

This perfection, this beauty, it is mirage.
This curious thing…holds a veil, but within…

This curious thing…hollow within, sadness, something is missing.

This curious thing…hides within it a light, so brilliant, so pure.

This curious thing…Not perfection, if only it would see, what a light it holds to me.


On a page…

This journey foreseen
On a page of a dream

To call on your soul
To waken your mind

For what is this life
Challenge upon strife?

One day it will be clear
One day they see no fear

Lest the past save
But a dream on a page

Lest your soul crave
But a voice for a day