A note of thanks

It is friday… It was a long week… A week which I battled with my emotions and myself… I challenged my Self into facing new realities… All with the help of Enreal and her visitors…

All those who visit her Journals… I would like to thank. Wether or not you left advice or support… I felt your presence and energy… To all those who spoke… you spoke to my heart and Enreal heard.

I wish you all my love…

Now let us continue the conversation

When You have time… watch this video… an incredible challenge to reality

Something to think about this weekend…

7 responses to “A note of thanks

  1. Blessing of love and peace to you my friend! Thanks for the video!!

    (((Mark))) Thank You!! I feel the blessings, The video was interesting right??

  2. Hello, well this is an very unusual report. Thank you for hinting at it. It is worth wile seeing.

    (((Rainer)))… Welcome! Thank You for visiting, glad you enjoyed the video… very unusual…right!!

  3. Enreal……
    enjoy the weekend, rest and unwind.
    Keep your self well.

    Au Revoir

    (((Alan))) I did not rest and unwind…but I did reflect… I really appreciate your words. They always seem to have a purposeful reasoning to them…

  4. Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine, hardly recognizing myself, my thoughts, my feelings. All I kept thinking was that I feel ‘detached’. I tried to explain it, but like many feelings couldn’t.
    Today I arrive here, I decide to watch that video. And there stands a woman who seems to be explaining what I failed to verbalize.
    Not that I’m having a stroke of course.
    As scary as this might seem, I get what she is saying.
    Thanks for sharing. I believe I needed to see this.
    PS. Although I’m not up to date on what happened this week, my best wishes are with you.

    (((Spaz))) Thank You my friend… all things are revealed at the right time… And I received your wishes, Thanks!

  5. Enreal…sweet soul!

    ‘Tis another confirmation…eh? Her words moved me to tears and to applaud!

    Thank you so much for sharing this video..my heart is full!

    (((Gypsy))) You are a truly beautiful soul… may your heart always be full…

  6. Enreal, thank you for sharing the video. It’s really worth watching. You’re a blessed soul, my dear friend.

    With much love

    (((glaize))) Thank You glaize… you have a pure heart.

  7. I watched this video (although I rarely do in blogs).
    And it gave me so much to think about…She seems to have seen our very secret dreams – to have life on Earth which is harmonious and peaceful – with ourselves and with others. Just knowing, that one person has actually seen it, gives me so much hope! Hope for us, humans. I don`t know if we have enough time, but at least I know it IS THERE 🙂
    Thank You for sharing this video!
    I think I`ll watch every video on your blog now 🙂

    (((Eva))) I rarely post videos… and this one was long… there is something in this… a mystery too large… read the book Journey of Souls
    It speaks of which you speak… Thank You for your visit…

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