I dream…

I sleep
I dream

I see beauty and light
I take flight

Hold on to me
As we travel
Far beyond this time
Far beyond this place

The sky so bright
Vivid are the stars at night

Illuminating imaginations
Elucidating our souls

During our Journey
We understood
All that life held was good

Our knowledge from the source
An open book to guide our course

This dream hold true
This life we value

For in the end
It is what it is

Life is and always will be this dream
Continuous Life and knowledge

It is beyond an individual
Life is greater than the whole
But can not be without an individual

7 responses to “I dream…

  1. I think I love the way you’ve concluded by saying that it’s beyond but can’t be without an individual… These lines are so deep in meaning and thought…. Why don’t I get such dreams!?? 😀

    (((Yaake)))… you probably do, it is sometimes difficult to remember… thank you for your words and thoughts

  2. Perhaps it is the heart that takes flight at night,
    while the mind tries to follow with it’s pictures.

    (((mossy))) I believe you are right… the heart or soul… one of these… it makes perfect sense…

  3. Ah, Dream, my dear Dream…thou who embraced me gently and whispered words deep into my soul…

    Indeed I’ve learnt a lot from my dreams. It may sound silly but my life seemed to have a great number of these silent elements. they, instead of harming me, have enlighten me. In many ways of their own.

    Ah, what can I say? Life is a mystery full of its own mysteries.

    (((Glaize)))… then my friend, you are blessed. No wonder you are so full of light, it is these elements… indeed life is full of mysteries, the answers are too large for our minds… peace to you

  4. i was watching the sun shine brightly through the leaves .
    For a second perhaps , your post flashed in my mind .
    On the way to your dream , stop by the sun setting into the ocean .
    Trace your steps on the sands that have been touched by the tides .

    Dream on …….unfettered ……..
    beyond the sunset , beyond the quicksands , beyond stars …….

    Holding on ….to the dream ……


    (((akash)))… I awoke from my dream and stepped into yours… what a beautiful scene… perhaps I will tonight, stop by the sun setting into the ocean… for I always hold onto the dream… it is my salvation… it is the only beautiful thing I have and yet it eludes me so often…

  5. enreal ,

    I will tell you something that will fill you with hope .
    Sun will be there , and will set into the ocean without fail ,
    day after day , everyday , forever , in our lifespan .

    There is a place somewhere , there will be a time sometime ,
    when dreams merge with reality .


    (((akash))) You did fill me with hope… Thank You

  6. Those were beutiful words, Enreal @all. In our dreams, we can be in all places at all times, we can blink ourselves to places unknown, we can take on any form, we can transport out of uncomfortable situations, and move through space and time like they don’t even exist – In our dreams our spirit is free to experience oneness – we sense all but are not limited to the body. Thanks Enreal for enlightening me with these words. You always awaken my spirit side. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    (((Cordie)))… What an honor my friend… I hope you know you enlighten me as well…

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