It is…

There is a sense in the air… a feeling that has manifested into form… hidden by a fabric thinner than time

There is a vibration in the air… a hint of sound floating through my body… deep inside, a chill

There is a wind… approaching at speeds too fast to feel… yet it passes through, leaving its path visible with light

There is a calm… approaching from within… it was always there, yet it lay dormant… until this thing

This thing… too great for words… too large for me… or is it?

This calm is strength… it came out from my soul… it came out of my mind… it burst to the surface it broke through me…

This thing… it came to me… for me… to take me… to teach me…

But what is this thing?

With eyes that shatter, yet are not seen

With tears that blind, yet can not flow

With knowledge that breaks, yet is spoken in an ancient tongue

With words you deafen, yet can not be sung

But what is this thing?

What is it?

Is it?

It is… 

17 responses to “It is…

  1. it is … WOW! Thank you. Your hearty words helped me greatly – we need to smell the flowers – to feel the magic fragnance, but not construct the wise reasonings that helps a little out of themselves … sorry for my musings. Let me invite you to visit Modus Vivendi. Just click on the link
    Thank you once again.

    (((Tomas))) Thank you Tomas for sharing your beautiful thoughts…

  2. BREATHTAKING….. The Divine Mystery. Can we embrace and accept it without defining it? 🙂

    (((Grace))) I believe the definitions are unclear anyway… I can embrace it, can you…

  3. Dear enreal, you put a spell on me as long as I read your poem. It has suspense and it hides it’s mystery in the end but for some things, there are yet no words.

    (((Rainer))) for somethings carry no needs for words… thank you

  4. It is self, awake and aware, alive and eyes wide open…
    Love your word weaving!

    (((Sorrow)))… Thank you for your vivid comment… they keep me awake aware alive… love that!

  5. Dear enreal ,

    It is … unbreakable , unperishable bond ……….it is life’s call……..

    to connect ……
    to feel the vibrations from eternity seeping through the fingertips
    of mind , body and soul…..
    to find a place in the centre of vortex of all existence , past , present and future …..
    to bend in the curve of one surface wave reaching out to another …..
    to merge with the glow of the supernova to brighten dark
    corners of Universe …..
    to reply to enreal to affirm and affirm , that IT IS .

    Thank you , dear enreal , for the joy you share ,


    (((akash))) thank you for the love you share… your words are captivating…

  6. This thing…..
    …that which took you into its arms
    …arms wide open for you
    …like walls outreaching
    …could be shelter, could be imprisonment
    but neither is so bad
    …if it is this thing
    …this thing
    it is…
    I believe…
    …is it


    Enreal my dear, your post shimmers yet I feel its warm so strong…

    (((glaize))) your words, they are beautiful, they are perfect, they are perfect. Thank you for bringing them here…

  7. “This calm is strength… it came out from my soul… it came out of my mind… it burst to the surface it broke through me…

    This thing… it came to me… for me… to take me… to teach me…”

    This words really resonated with my heart.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    You are a being of light!

    (((gypsy))) you are a source to my light… thank you

  8. It was pleasant reading this one aloud. A good perspective.

    It seems strange that it is so empowering to learn that there is something besides “I”.

    (((mossy)))… empowering yet humbling

  9. It may not be also.

    At times enreal , a touch of reality revs up enreal …..

    That one can go beyond and still be happy is the challenge ……..

    Isn’t it ?

    Either way , it is a game of words .

    Life goes on …….


    (((akash))) Life does go on… can we truly go beyond and still be happy? I wonder… where is beyond? I’ll go first… lets share notes…

  10. Beyond is here in the mind .
    Dear enreal , this mind is wonderful .
    For all the questions it asks , it will hold you gently
    and keep you safe .

    So it is .


    (((akash)))… what a pleasant affirmation

  11. Wow, you struck a cord here!
    I love it, love it, love it!!! The flow and rythm, the feel and the words used. Feels like homecoming to me. Thank you.

    (((Norea))) Thank You!!! 😀

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