Intriguing…this curious thing.
It breathes my air, takes my space, drinks my water, carries a place.

Intriguing…this curious thing.
It seems as if emotion gathers, it seems as if thought forms, it seems as if it holds secrets.

Intriguing…this curious thing.
It appears beautiful, as if designed by an artist, flawless perfection. As if it holds secrets.

Intriguing…this curious thing.
It holds true what I see.
This curious thing, it has fooled me.

This perfection, this beauty, it is mirage.
This curious thing…holds a veil, but within…

This curious thing…hollow within, sadness, something is missing.

This curious thing…hides within it a light, so brilliant, so pure.

This curious thing…Not perfection, if only it would see, what a light it holds to me.

10 responses to “Intrigue

  1. Dear enreal, this poem makes me think, I am not quite sure if i understand it quite right, but I think the poem tells of a projection. I like this poem very much.

    (((rainer))) indeed you are correct… poetry is a funny thing, the subject can have many meanings… I am glad you enjoyed this… try this one for thought… your comment reminded me of a poem I wrote a while back… one I enjoyed

    Master of Meanings

  2. Dear Enreal,

    Each time I visit here, I am humbled. The beauty and depth of your words are so sincere, so insightful. I do so enjoy my time at this site.

    I was offline for a while and look forward to getting caught up! You enrich my life as I’m sure do many others what you do.

    Thank you,
    Miss D

    (((Miss D))) what a nice thing to say… I know, you are in love… what a blessing. I feel the energy from your words… Blessings to you my friend… welcome back

  3. Another one that I fully understand, although only hinted at. Now that you’ve identified it, I recognise it.

    Well done.

    (Also like the rhyming in some parts, gives it a beautiful rhythm).

    (((Spaz))) I try to sing a song with my words… I have to read them aloud… they make me happy… I feel my voice is an instrument for my soul… let us sing together shall we?

  4. Intriguing…this curious thing . . .
    Reminds me of myself.

    You’re so “deep.” I really enjoy reading your words everyday. It gives me something to ponder upon and reflect – and I love reflecting, especially reflections of love. I’m happy that you reflect your love to us in your most enchanting words.

    Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . Dearest Angel Enreal.

    (((Cordie))) bless you my friend… you made me smile big!

  5. This curious thing… to me it is the self that we identify with, the form, the body, mind and emotions that cloak and veil the true self…

    Lovely poem – insightful and thought provoking… as always 🙂

    (((Zen)))… thank you for your insight… brilliant as ever 😉

  6. This curious thing…may be intrigued by itself
    Once the veil is raised
    and the emptiness filled
    when the light within shines through
    Intriguing as it is…this curious thing

    Oh Enreal, I love this piece! Salute!

    (((Glaize))) … my friend… there is is… it is complete… this curious thing

  7. This post humbled me Enreal. Thank you. I am glad that you turned around to give that man money. I know it hurt you inside that you had no home to offer him, or no job to give. I also know that energy you felt. That energy was God in my opinion. He was blessing you like you blessed that man. When the money hit his palm he felt the same energy you felt. God blessed him that day for that moment through you. Your blessing might have come in disguise and maybe it has not come yet but I truly believe it will. We need more people like you who have empathy for those who have had such troubles in their lives that bring them to the very bottom of the pool.

    You are a good soul Enreal. Your father would be very proud I’m sure. God bless!


    (((JO)))… I am filled with a bittersweet sadness… I feel that my father spoke through you… it is what I want to believe… We know little of our purpose… the true meaning to the mysteries of Life… I feel my father spoke through you… Thank You so so much… JO… your brought me happiness…

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