Have I

I have changed

I have grown

I have smiled

I have known


I have laughed

I have cried

I have lived

I have lied


I have witnessed

I have betrayed

I have lost

I have obeyed


I have pondered

I have wondered

I have begged

I have given


I have knelt

I have risen

I have fallen

Have I listened


Bless all that we have,

Lest it be a memory…

10 responses to “Have I

  1. Betrayal is a little difficult to accept .
    All said and done , bitterness remains .

    It is different for different people .

    Best wishes for whatever else that remains ,


  2. I am sorry , but this is what I feel after reflection .
    However beautiful or crafty the words may be , betrayal leaves
    nothing much left . Words have no beauty if they are not supported
    by trustworthiness .

    And betrayal is not a one time phenomenon . It is in the nature
    of the person . Hence it will recur .

    Understanding perhaps helps to come to terms , perhaps .

    Best ,


  3. (((akash)))… I should clarify…or should I? You never asked whom I betrayed… I betrayed myself… with what? One day I will be more clear…

    For now I say it will not recur

  4. “Tis your journey …not wrong or right.

    I see myself in many of your words.

    Thank you for sharing your soul.

    Blessings be…..

    (((Gypsy))) Thank You. Your words made me feel better. Thank You for sharing your soul

  5. enreal ,

    You know yourself the best . All said and done , others will not
    understand the full complexity of life that you face .

    It is your life . Make the most of it . Now and in all the time that
    extends before you with open arms .

    Blessings ,


    (((akash))) no one couldpossibly understand all that I face in life. No one would want to. It ismy burden alone, my life. I do not wish to judge ever again. Myself or another. But als I fear it is as difficult or idealistic on all levels. Thank You for your words.

  6. Enreal…i read all the lines and then smiled after the last one ” Lest it be a memory” . I am curious to know in what context you have used this word…for the menaing would change of its used in the negative 🙂

    (((Sea))) When we go through life, learn our lessons, make our mistakes… we leave behind memories. Memories embedded in the wrinkles of time. One day all, good and bad, will be a memory. I want to remember them all, the good and the bad. They were my purpose, my lessons to learn.

  7. It’s mind boggling how you can take so few words and paint life with it.

    I know I sometimes take few words too ,but it’s the type of words that you use, the plainness of them that makes your gap between simplicity and brilliance so incredibly vast.

    One has to be Enreal to do that. Not measure in time but in soul.

    (((spaz))) I like to use old words… your words are the kind I use… although I feel the compliment too great, I feel the energy you use and it makes me full… bless you always spaz… you have become a light for me…

  8. Enreal, you describe what it is to be human. More than that, a human who is struggling toward the light of the soul and sees the disparity between what is and what IS! Between life as we live it and live as it should be lived. We know the difference, we strive for the light and somehow we fall short. In this we betray ourselves but we don’t really – we do the best we can…

    (((Zen)))… it is the quest, the journey that we must accomplish. So in this right, yes, we do the best that we can…

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