The next time

The next time you call
I will kneel down and listen

The next time you speak
I will bow before you and wait

The next time you teach
I will absorb all your knowledge

The next time you come
I will honor and obey

How could
The lesson I learned
So easily be put aside

How was it
The joy I was taught
So easily passed on by

Then you gave it again
I backed away in fear

Forgetting the lessons taught
Was it ever really clear?

Yes, there it is
The answer is always near

A new lesson learned
Doubt forever the fear

Remember the lessons
And all will be made clear

4 responses to “The next time

  1. Your words lay before me… a gate to a past…I recall now..again.
    I think of my father…..for some reason. He always was a great teacher for me.
    You’ve become another source of wisdom to me.
    Yes a light, I’ll say….. Thank You.

    Where does all this wisdom, love and yes pain…..yes some pain I sense…… where does it all come from Enreal?

    (((Alan))) I do not question where it comes from, but yes there is a profound emotion I feel, sadness, it could be described as so. I give it to you not as sadness, but as light, yes a light. Thank You Alan… you too are a source of wisdom…

  2. enreal ,

    Just my take on this . There is no next time . There are no lessons to be learnt .

    It has always been that steady quiet flow .
    Of course perceptions differ …….


    (((Akash)))… I suppose perceptions do differ, interesting concepts though… nothing else but this, no time other than now? Nope, don’t like that perception 😦

  3. The old, rusty bell
    now rings within
    I see a past self fading
    giving way to a self long buried within

    I am but a young adventurer
    travelling down the road of Life
    the wind brought strangers such as you
    who taught me a thing or two

    Strangers to the eyes, friends to the heart

    Till next post, Enreal, thank you for being wonderful

    (((Glaize))) I Love This!!! What a wonderful flow of words!

    I shall always travel with you, for the wind has brought us together. I shall always find adventure with you, for the wind has willed it so…

  4. Sounds like “Conversations with suffering”. A very good teacher.

    (((Mossy)))… you saw something others did not, it is in fact a conversation… one that I had with my teacher… I was shown something in a dream… I was taught a beautiful secret… then when I was shown the secret again, I backed away in doubt and fear. Now I am suffering with the notion that I will never be taught again…

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