Logically, yes…

Logically yes…it can all be explained.

The thoughts and dreams.

The tiny glimpses of a surreality so perfect and happy it makes you yearn for that mental space again.

The perfect conversations laid at the perfect times that make it all seem as if the world, time and space are in synch with you, every fiber of you.

The subtle calm upon waking and realizing the night before, the dreams and adventures are gone into the vault of our minds. It was just a dream…and the longing for them to be reality…

Yes, indeed, it can all be explained. But why? Why explain wonderment? Why try to predict the unpredictable? Why does everything need a reason…Let it be and realize certainty is a myth. All be told, we define our surroundings. We give names to the nameless and rules to the chaos. Let it be and live in the uncertainty of Life…that is the only thing we can be certain of.

15 responses to “Logically, yes…

  1. The divine oft’ awaits us in myriad forms,
    desiring our longing looks and warm embraces.
    Naively we mistake the form for the divine being
    and are left clinging to an empy shell
    while the playful entity calls to us
    from another corner of the room,
    all the while living in our hearts.

    (((Mossy)))…My friend!! What a strong and beautiful voice…thank you for sharing your words…they pleased my mind…

  2. Enreal,

    Beautifully written (as always). Logic has never worked for me. Uncertainty does seem to be my natural state.

    This piece has put a smile on my face and a thought that will linger in my mind.

    Miss D

    (((Miss D)))…then in this chaos you are blessed…for your words are indeed a certainty…I am happy I made you smile, returning the favor

  3. Ah yes Enreal,

    The longing for the dream to be reality – often I awake and want to just sink back into my dreams and stay in that alternate reality forever.

    There is magic in the world for sure, and logic can not follow magic.

    I have been reminded of a lesson I need to learn by your wonderful words. I have a constant need to ‘understand’ to ‘find meaning’ – but I try too often through the rational mind to do so. The answers aren’t there for sure. Thanks for reminding me.


    (((Zen))) What can I say, you and I seem to be on the same mental plane…we should have coffee there sometime. As for the meaning here, we all find our way. I am searching everyday for mine…

  4. the truest I have read your voice on these pages…you are a wonderment of humanity; your words are beautiful and insightful. I look forward to more prose! Namaste

    (((Aeode))) Where have you been my friend? I miss your words…thank you for this tremendous compliment.

  5. I still remember the world from the eyes of a child. Slowly those feelings were clouded by what I know now. I still remember the sun always warm on my back. Somehow, it seems colder now. Where has my heart gone? Trapped in the eyes of a stranger, an uneven trade for the real world. I want to go back to believing in everything.

    (((JAlan))) At least you still remember, most forget and can never replace those feelings. One day we will all return…

  6. “Logically yes…it can all be explained.” Very true indeed.

    Most of the time we try to make sense of something and get eternally caught up in it.

    Great post.

    (((Shamelle))) Welcome. Wise words…we do get caught up. There does come a time when we will be free. How do you want to live until then?

  7. Is it not up to a person to decide what he/she likes !
    To some certainity of death may be preferable to uncertainity of life .
    Each to his/her own .


    (((Akash)))…Thank you for your wisdom you share here and in life. We all need to share it more on the outside.

  8. Enreal, I have been away for a while, sorry the project you sent is pending 🙂 Liked this post, your words hit home almost every time and reading your posts is like having a conversation with ones own mind 🙂 Thanks and take care

    (((SOM)))…you needn’t apologize my friend. I am blessed you are reading my words and you feel enough to acknowledge my presence

  9. well said! thank you for that! although it may not be as chaotic as we think. I do like the word chaordic!


    (((Rob)))…Chaordic? It does have something to it doesn’t it…Thank you for you words

  10. Reason and Logic are they not one and the same?
    Everything needing to be explained.
    I do agree somethings need no explanation just acceptance.
    Once we truly let go and see the beauty and chaos in our minds then maybe we can see the beauty and chaos outside as well.
    The bounderies that are created by a ruler society blindly accepts which creates a conflict within us.
    We feel lost and lose trust in our own voice.
    It is time to reclaim our voice.
    I know the one thing I am certain about is change.
    Everything changes and people still fear it
    “J.Alan” do you still hear the voice inside???

    Enreal once again you stir many questions and emotions within. always look forward to reading your posts
    I look forward to many more complexities of the soul that makes us take a look within our own consciousness.
    The spiritual revolution begins…

    (((99ppp)))…I am ready for the revolution. I believe I signed up a few years ago. As for your words, I understand all to clearly, it is a matter of willing people to believe within that is the challenge. Thank You for your thoughts.

  11. I think about this sort of thing fairly regularly, I think because I’m torn—I like explanations, but at the same time I’m very much aware of their limitations.

    I wonder if there’s a happy medium somewhere—a way to explain without explaining away; an understanding cleansed of the desire to dominate; a logic that understands when it can go no further…?

    (((Baekho))) I am sure when we escape the reality of life, when we stand still that is the happy medium…no complications, just slence

  12. Ah, what relief once one is really able to do so.

    (Yet – wouldn’t that be boring in the long run? )

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the questions 🙂

    (((Spaz)))… could you really get bored that quickly? We could have so much fun =)

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