I am the one you wont behold
I hold something you can not mold
I have peace forever old
I have centuries of secrets which wont be told

I am your peace
I am your solace
I am your undefinable
I am your abstract

I give you comfort
I am your friend
I am your father
Until the end

Some call me Soul
Some call me Old
Some call me God
Yet some never call

A captive of Life
Confined in you
Forever with you
Unassumingly misunderstood

15 responses to “Misunderstood

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  2. You’ve really brought out something I’ve felt for a while, but never been able to put words to. I think I become sad when I contemplate how people write of the misunderstood on the basis of their misunderstanding….thank you for expressing this so beautifully 😀

  3. (((Baekho)))… I am humbled by your compliment, it means a great deal.

    (((ToBeMe)))… You give me great honor by simply reading my words, thank you

    (((Rambodoc)))…Welcome, thank you for visiting. I try to capture lucidity, though most of the time it is elusive. And depending where you are from, yes they are and no they are not…

  4. “I am your peace
    I am your solace ‘
    “I am your comfort ”

    Very comforting words . But these are the words
    which should be felt by the other side without
    having to say .
    Have I said more than required ?
    peace ,

  5. (((Akash)))… Indeed these are words that need not be spoken. Sometimes we can not hear… Your words need never to be cut short. Peace my friend!

  6. We are all……..as one.

    Forever dark and captivating as the deepest well, a truly master work of prose…..

  7. For me this represented Faith.
    Have faith in your doubt and doubt in your faith.
    Something I question all the time.
    Once again magic in the words you create.
    Thank you for sharing your art and letting us journey into your world.
    Brightest blessings.

  8. Faith in doubt
    and doubt in faith ,
    can jump either way ?
    Why the duality ?
    Transparency makes it
    so much easier and
    happier for all .
    Just another viewpoint .
    Ambiguity creates angst.
    While some of it is
    unavoidable ,
    can it be made a philosophy we
    live by ?
    Poetically o.k .
    In reality ,
    when the masks are
    down ,
    when we adorn
    our real names ,
    in our real homes ,
    will the same rules hold ?


  9. (((99ppp)))…Thank You for your words,
    At first it took a minute and then it me…”Have faith in your doubt and doubt in your faith”…thee are some powerfully wise words. Thank you for sharing them here.

    (((JAlan)))…You flatter me with prose…thank you for your words…they are in part what keep me going.

    (((akash)))…what can I say? Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and words.

    I LOVE WORDS!!! =)

  10. Why indeed?

    This reminds me of when synchroncity would hit me in the face, and I would research why. Birds would sweep and hover, and I would wonder why.

    Now, I don’t wonder, I accept that there is more than I know and I revel in it. Revel.

    Thank you so much for this post.

  11. (((Amina)))… Welcome and Thank you for your words

    (((SE)))… Never stop questioning, never stop learning, accept chaos, certain things are out of our hands…

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