Old Words

Your words remind me of an old language

A time of peace

A time of reflection


Your words have woken deep within my soul

A place seemingly lost

Waiting to speak


Your words have slumbered

Along with my mind

Awoken they have become


Waiting to be heard 

  “Your words remind me of an old language awaken from a deep slumber…I welcome them to my soul” -Enreal 

6 responses to “Old Words

  1. The words are now being evoked more frequently.
    We are more awake then ever.
    You write them eloquently.
    The idea shall always spread
    You open my eyes and my soul to wonderous and infinite possibilities.
    Do actions speak louder than words, or are words merely enough?
    Love and lights shine on you.

    (((99ppp)))…your words humble me…they have a very authentic value to them…may your voice never be silenced. Thank you for your lovely words and affirmations

  2. I love this.
    Maybe it’s the word language, which indicates communication, understanding.
    Maybe it’s comfort of someone else connecting with me.
    Maybe it’s just a perfect piece of art.

    Well done.
    Thank you.

    (((Spaz)))…It is we who are all connecting, always growing and evolving…a language is a tool used for enlightenment, knowledge, power…Thank you far your beautiful thoughts

  3. Whose words are these , enreal ?

    Can we also have a glimpse of them , so that we may gaze upon a piece of your soul ?

    Are we asking for more than we should , nay , could ?


    (((Akash)))…Hauntingly beautiful. In my soul is yours and all. We are all home within the mind, it is when we glimpse outside do we feel Life. Always ask, always ponder…it is our destiny to wonder.

  4. Peace Enreal,

    I like the opening line of this poem very much. The more I learn the more convinced I become that an ‘old language’ exists beyond the words we speak.

    Keep ’em coming and may God continue to bless your pen.

    Abdur Rahman

    (((Abdur))) Exactly how I feel… Thank you Abdur!!

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