I simply don’t know

Am I the person I thought I would be ?
Am I the person I wanted to be?
Do I practice what I preach?
Am I a prisoner to what my mind would have me believe?

When will I change?
When will I grow?

When will I reap,

All which I sow?

I simply don’t know.


I sat here thinking about my day. It was an ordinary day. Work. Family. Coworkers. Friends. Avoidance. Musings. Thoughts. Trials. Dreams. Petty petty things… I have changed… not in the way I foresaw. I have become as bitter as the cold which surrounds me… I shall elaborate. But now I simply don’t want to. I grieve for the me I lost, the one who gave up… i simply don’t know where she went… perhaps it was denial… I will find her and ask for her forgiveness… then I shall elaborate. Until then…


I simply don’t know


Pondering the meaning of simply being

Just breathing

And suddenly believing

In Something



Then a word breaks my silence




A word that implies complacency


A word that begs understanding


A word that I can say to you in a moment

For a moment



Then a thought intrudes my rant


Now you see

What you have made of me

with my words I constantly sew

A picture I so vaguely know



you know so

in your bones


all and one



and this could be the end

it could be…


With my words I see all that I feel

My chest aches

The cavity which bears

all the invisible tears


What say you next

whether in words or thought

Bring not emotions


For my mind can fail not

What my soul has left to thought





I need to write

I need to feel

I need to embrace all which I have shunned

I am sorry

I shall write


The words linger in the dense air. Sound suspended as mist on a mild winter morn. Hovering waiting to be heard.

Shall I listen when I see them, what purpose if I can pick and choose them for my own. Take them all in. I don’t need them to wander nor torment my mind… I know them there.

The roads remain traveled. Day to night. The path taken and retaken. Yet one remains alone. Alone with words. Solitary.

Abandoned for a time. Reclaimed it shall become. I promise.

If not for my tales and dreams I would continue blind. I know what needs to be said and I know what needs to be heard. I know what needs to be done. Am I ready?

Story Teller

The world awaits a new tale… filled with wonderment and life… visions and strife… the world awaits a new hero, a new world, a new time… every second one is born, another one dies.

I sit and read tales told through countless lifetimes. I fly through my mind. As I read the words they lose their shape and become landscapes of thought.
The story teller paints on the canvas of veiled sight. Whispering thoughts and watching them blossom. Watching them flow on the river of words until abstract becomes understood and understanding becomes reason for the listener. They tell yet always see in plain sight.


I sit and listen to the voice of the teller. Hearing the words and entering their minds. I fly.


Turning I see them. I hear the words they spoke as they wrote and they dreamed.


I saw them fly.

Eternal be the words, eternal be the thoughts, they remain for eternity. Infinitely flowing through minds. They live forever as others die.

Words. Thoughts. Voices. Memories. Dreams. Visions. Emotions. Created. Destroyed. Transformed. Interpreted. Saved. Deleted.

The voice of the story teller lives and is spoken through time.

As they whisper you can hear their true voice

As you listen you can see them fly


Turn and hear me.

See me. Telling you a tale.

Can you see me fly?

Her stolen eyes

Her stolen eyes
Her silenced cries
The faithful lies
Deceptive ties
Her stolen eyes
A glance unkind
Into her mind
Alone and blind
Her stolen eyes
Her gaze disguised
For one she cried
For one she died
Bowed in shame
Salvation came
All the same
Her life, her game
Hidden in pain
Fire and flame
Reborn the same
Eyes she became

The final task

I turn to find
Shadows by my side

I dream of a life
I had tossed and left behind

I close my eyes
I hear the wind and clouds divide

Touching I feel
What I sensed all along was real

I dream of death
Too generous and close to touch

Time lived in the past
Alone with time at last

I question times disguise
I seek answers to my demise

The ground is cold and calling
The sky is red and falling

I am alone at last
Free to breathe one last breath

I am alone at last
Time will part and I will rest

But time and shadows play

The end spoken for another day

Time will not remove its mask

Alone and calling for its final task

Open and listen






Are you truly alone you ask?

Or are you at peace here with the shadows and the mask

Now be still and listen

You shall hear your final task…

Leave of absence… off with my muse

Taking a break to finish a project… thanks to all who visit and keep me inspired… be back soon


What say you muse… shall we have a go? Shall we venture into the area which has been left unattended for too long… for this place has become overgrown… it has become wild.

What say you muse… shall you accompany me this evening? For it has been too long… the tales are wide and adventures need to be shared… what say you muse… shall we?

I believe we shall dear friend …

it has been too long and the air is crisp with anticipation…

it is fresh with dry water

alive with the winds which caress

Caress with icy hands that burn not the skin

Where is this place you speak of… for I see beauty in this darkness

that which is invisible to the dark

yet tangible and real

I see nothing abandoned…

All is well and right… all which is in plain sight… yet it is my mind which is ripe… awaiting a friend to accompany my thoughts tonight

Words and visions.

Thoughts and creations.

Songs and lyrics.

Colors and Sounds

It is my mind which races during slumber

It is my dreams which keep my soul awake

I am grateful

I am bursting

So what say you muse? Shall we go and make art… shall we once more make that which is obscure… clear?

Indeed we shall