Hiding judgement

Why can’t I feel the rational? I understand and acknowledge my reality, yet I don’t feel it.

I should be happy, but I deny it.

I should feel fortunate, yet I curse myself.

I should see my surroundings, yet they appear dark and muddled.

I should hear the sounds of life, yet I focus on mortality.

I sabotage my happiness. I know I do it too. I can’t help it, I feel a guilt behind contentment. I see so many around me suffering. I feel peoples pain, I sense peoples wants and desires, and want for none. There is no altruism there, none behind, I am not that generous, yet I would rather be unhappy. It’s easier I think.

Can someone make sense of this? I sit here shaking my head, wondering as my fingers type the words you read, what the hell is wrong with me. If I wanted to I could be happy. I could close my eyes and live in my life. I could forget all the hardships I have faced, handled and seen… I could ignore my self imposed responsibilities, my work and my need for control over everyones life… trying to achieve perfection when none is needed, expect for my own perception. I see situations and want so much to fix them, but why, are they truly broken?

Is there happiness and love?

Yes. Then why would that need to be fixed?

Are they in need of salvation?

Or are your insecurities and guilt showing their lives in a light that meets not your expectations.

Who are you to judge when it is you who preaches? Who are you to try to change others when you can’t change yourself. How can you bring happiness when it is you who denies it?


A blessing befell me recently, yet I hide it… I think it is easier than claiming happiness, yet is it causing pain that I do not acknowledge it? It is my future, the source of my life to be… who would hide that?And why?

8 responses to “Hiding judgement

  1. I’m certainly no expert, but it might be an interesting exercise for you, if you decided to make a list of all the “pay offs” you’re getting, by not allowing yourself to be happy. It may sound kind of funny, but there are payoffs to the pain we inflict on ourselves. So…I ask you. What are you gaining by sabotaging your happiness? And are you holding any limiting beliefs in your subconscious, that are keeping you stuck?

    Do you think, however irrationally, that by experiencing joy, you are somehow minimizing either the pain you’ve been through, or that others go through?

    Sending you a prayer for your serenity and joy.

  2. Hello Enreal,

    Do you think that anyone can give themselves a high school education without teachers? Of course it is “possible”, but how many actually do it.

    You are trying to teach yourself.

    Actually you are not doing so badly, but….

  3. Oh! this is me, on certain days. I look at all the “shoulds” you are thinking of and am reminded of a phrase from The Last Samurai – NO MIND. You already know what you want to do and how to do it, just go with it. You’ll find what you want/need, cause you know its available(thats the inference I get from your post – Universe of Thought).

    • MySoul… your wisdom speaks to my soul and gives me a hint of courage. If only I could see the possibilities without fear. one day, i suppose. Thank you for your mind and your soul.

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