Define me

There she stood, on the edge of her reality, all the while knowing she could only wait.

She knew it was hers, no matter how she tried to focus and question the truths eluded her.

As if a paradox surrounded her, day and night, month and year, until all she could do was fade away.


“but why?”, she asked.

“because”, it answered.

And with that it ended, a new journey would start for another, and finish only when that one questions and refuses to accept just because. That does not define reality.

6 responses to “Define me

  1. It seems to me that both Truth and Reality are by definition paradoxical. Your Truth and your Reality may not be mine, but it really doesn’t matter. You have the most wonderful insight in facing your alternate facets and then so eloquently stating their Truths. Again I say, Well Done!

    • Hawk, thank you for your thoughts and wisdom, you see great things. this began with a quote I read, and it will end with it as well. Thank you.

      “Every experience is a paradox in that it means to be absolute, and yet is relative; in that it somehow always goes beyond itself and yet never escapes itself.”
      T. S. Eliot

  2. Thought provoking, Enreal, as are all of your posts and poems. The ending is powerful, though: “Because” does not define reality. Excellent insight.

    And I love the quote! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Truth and Reality, coincide when there is no expectation, judgement or a preconceived notion of “How it should be”. Heres my question- Why do you want to define? I find the idea of defining something very confining, suffocating. Why not go with “I am that and that and that and that……….” cause theres a freedom in it to be what you are at any point in time without the need to judge, justify and stay in line with a definition.

    • Interesting question… I want to define because there is no definition. I want to understand because there is no meaning. I want to know because there is no proof, there is no answer and all we can do is try to define. I personally need the constrictions, almost self imposed sadness, the answers which I define are not ones I wish. this makes little sense for i search for a grand illusion, one which I still secretly believe in, one which i dream of… if I deny my heart and only feed my mind, it can still exist in another way.

      How can I define that?

      I really can’t, so it matters not I suppose.

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