In the SImplest of terms

In simplest terms.

Life n. 1. Capacity for growth, functional activity, and continual change until death. 2. Living things 3. A period during which life lasts 4. A state of existence as an individual 5. Individual’s actions or fortunes

As we know it…

Change n. 1. Making or becoming different 3. New experience or variety 4. Substitute for one thing for another (change of scene)

As we’ll have it…

Chaos n. 1. complete disorder or confusion 2.The behavior of systems that follow deterministic laws but appear random and unpredictable.

As it truly is…

Existence n. 1. fact or condition of being or existing

As it very well may be…

Exist n. 1. have a place in objective reality 2. occur; be found 3. Continue in being; live

As we do what we must…

Reality n. 1. What exists or is real or underlies appearances

As we try to understand…

Life as we know it is an amazingly beautiful chain of events. Those who can grasp its potential are especially fortunate. For most people will live without question and without wonder and accept the simplest terms without hesitation and want. But those who want are more than most; they accept and encourage the road ahead, and with open arms welcome change.
Change is an important part of our existence. Over the centuries and our lives we have evolved as people and have welcomed the coming knowledge each day brings. Changes we face day to day offers guidance. Guidance is offered without our requesting it, and although sometimes we feel as though there is no purpose to the chaos, we find its beauty buried within ourselves.

As we awake everyday and face each hour without certainty of what will be, we make certain choices and accept certain things as they are. For those things are what life is, they are larger than you and me and are essential. Life, is larger than the individual, it is huge and yet it is so small as to connect each and every one of us on the most basic level.

Life as we know it

change as we’ll have it

Chaos as it truly is

Existence as it very well may be

Exist as we do what we must, reality as we try to understand

That is in the simplest of terms