Our Walk


If I choose to stay,

Would you wait

Would you walk with me?


If I don’t

Would you go

Would you meet me some day


Would you remember

Or will I forget

As hours turn to days

Days turn to Months

And months to years


If I forget

Will you remind me?

Shall we set a date?

Perhaps an open invitation…

Perhaps you shall take me home…

So I shall not worry

I shall not forget

No set time

We shall know

We shall have our walk…

One day,

I shall not worry


3 responses to “Our Walk

  1. wonderful…. this hits home. it has been too long btw… thank you for stopping by to remind me. i hope your holidays were great….

    take good care.

  2. dear and divine…. birth is like start of the film..death is like end of the film…life is to know our roles and God’s part…drama of life… original name comes at the end of the film…then no worry…but may be your original name has came in the start ….that is the reason of silence and beauty in your posts… bless you..
    love all..

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