As I walk in the cold night the snow gently passes my sight. It falls. I breathe in. Exhale out. The visibility of my air carries my gaze just past the darkness. I watch it disappear with all illusion.


I follow my step easily. I catch my thoughts dancing. There. A hint of magic. The stars visible as the snow. Dark and moonless is the night. There a hint of remembrance.


The wind whispers its cold voice. Cold and ignored. Ignored and misunderstood.



It whispers…


It calls…

Here is the magic I yearn for. yet palpable it is not. I wish to hold it in my hand. I wish to smell its sweet reality. Taste its magnificence. This is not it.

Oh but it is… you can not hold it… you can not smell nor taste it… but you can feel it

With that it ended. Within that moment of awareness. The moment the vapor mingled with the darkness of the night. That… and the blink of an eye. Reality changes into illusion once again.


Sweet darkness hold your magic close. For I shall return for it on another glimpse. I can feel it. ~enreal

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