Those Places

My mind goes back.

Memory pays respect to those places

My heart goes back.

Melancholy carries on to those places

My soul speaks in tongues .

They open the gateways of shadow to those places



Before them in those places

They speak so clear

So clear I can hear

I can understand

I can understand their foreign tongue

In their foreign land

The land for which I long

The land from which I belong


My words do not come forward for I can not speak

I visit those places

The places from which we come

I wish to be home

My heart

My soul



I shall say farewell to those places again

For now

But not for long

10 responses to “Those Places

  1. You are becoming hauntingly close to the place that has no rules. Each time I find myself almost there, for some reason I become terrified. I wonder why? These last two poems resonated with me and shook me! I wonder why, again. . . Beautiful words, Enreal. . . I relate to these on a deeper side than I usually like to go to. Thanks for creating and sharing. PLL, C.

    • Cordie~ your words give me a moments pause… for I know of the feelings of which you speak. I too chose tohide… I hide within my words… thank you for sharing yourself… it enriches these pages more than I can myself. Namaste

  2. Dear enreal, you have a gift to catch movements and change. You created these esoteric places with subtle words….Thank you Happy Blogging

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