You know

You know where it is 

The window to your mind

The gateway to your soul


You know where to find

The passage to your heart

A peace to make you whole 


You know where to heal

Within the fibers of your body

In the depths of your being


You know of the pain

You know of the sorrow

You know the emptiness

Perhaps shall be filled tomorrow


Somewhere within you know

One day it will show

All in turn will be

The answers you know

And wish them to be


It is here

The answer you know

It has always been here

It is now beginning to show

Shining ever so brightly

Out of your soul


6 responses to “You know

  1. Oh Enreal.. Your writing is so beautiful.. I can’t wait to get there – to know how to find the answers within..

    ~fibi~ perhaps you need not wait… the first step is recognition… to understand and know the answers are within… the rest is fun. Searching and discovering them one by one

    thank you fibi.

  2. This poem is so beautiful. I’d love to post it in my blog. Will you let me?


    I would be honored Claudia… thank you

  3. Very beautiful, Enreal. My son, who is 16, believes that everything in life happens in reverse and in forward at all times. If this is true. . . then we really do know the answers. . . do we not? Who’s to say…..?

  4. If answers are in-front of me, then this makes me feel so dumb that I am not able to understand any of them.
    I feel surprised sometimes as to how you can pen down my feelings. 🙂

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