Life with Death                              

Anger with acceptance

Peace with hate                              

Knowledge with ignorance

Happiness with despair                

Fear with freedom

Together yet alone                          

Purposeful yet lost


In the smallest of fragments we are one

In the most hidden particles we touch

In the most remote thoughts we meet

We may be blind

We may be deaf

We may be simple

We may be blessed

The war rages on… the battles fought for ignorance… the struggle for one to see… the veil and mirror break… one day we will see. Connected we may be…

9 responses to “Connected

  1. There’s always a connection and always a nonconnection. . . just like a magnet; just like gravity . . . we are pulled and we are pushed; we pull and we push. . . each shift causes yet another shift. . .in the gravitation of live! Very wise, deep and beautiful words, Enreal! The accompanying art is remarkable too. . . I see the magnetism here! And…I feel your energies gravitating, yet pushing away, then gravitating once more. . . like a wave cycle. PLL, CordieB

  2. Very nice

    Curious how a peaceful day can be marked by a stillness of balance; The center of a hurricane can be calm, yet the phenomenon itself is a seeking of balance. A skewed balance and a skewed symmetry seems to draw out inner definitions to most all things.

    We can comprehend a sense of Oneness spiritually while seeking out its seemingly infinite self revelation in time and space. The swirling energy of Life may be dancing from inside a balanced mandate which seems to require unique parts and aspects to reveal infinite views toward Truth and Being.

    We are fortunate beyond words, to have a yearning to union and a yearning to be who we each are. The balance being known from nature appears to be more and more obvious to humankind. Including the polarizing consequence of skewing it too far.

    I have hope that one day we all will come to see how we humans are always seeking kinds of balance, and that we could know our underlying union while we address our differences. Until then, the turbulence remains where fantasies and beliefs hold extra weight over truth, perhaps tainting balance in perception.

    Thanks for being an Angel with Vision.

    • Benafia~ you manage to see through the fluff and capture an essence to these words…thank you for your intuition and for finding a meaning and message. Very wise my friend, one day you shall see find all which you seek… may we all be as blessed.

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