Silent Night

The sky is ever so fair

Stars glisten, blissfully unaware

The ray of orange surpassing their might

As rays of sun blind us from eternal a night


The wind nestles the trees

Promising release and reprieve

The onus unfair

Leaving promises forever to bear


Ponder these tasks upon these silent nights

Watch the light dance upon the moon sunlight

Reflect as reflections do

Shimmer and dance into something new

Yet when reflections fade

Remember it and gaze into darkenss

Sit in silence

For these are the silent nights


When the night is nearly spent

We watch and wait

For the dawn is the new fate

And dawn shall bring a new day

And day shall bring a new night

A silent night

We shall wait

4 responses to “Silent Night

  1. Dear enreal, you wield the change for one more day. I eagerly awaited the dawn of a new day while reading this poem… Thank you

    ~rainer~ Change can bring you to the highest peaks or break the smallest of trees… I believe we all await the dawn… some are more eager than others… thank you for your beautiful words… I know not what to write but thank you

  2. Very serene image of night and hopeful. Thank you for those beautiful words. 🙂

    ~as I am~ thank you for sharing your light! have a pleasant day!

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