Beyond the mirror

Can we see beyond this mirror?
This veil called life
This mirage of hope

Can we awaken
Awaken, from the slumber of of this lucid dream
Can we gather our senses

Take our rightful place in the stars, in the heavens

Imagine what could be
If we let go
If we gazed beyond the mirror…

If we look into our eyes

If we looked into our Soul…


See yourself within the mirror of your mind,

Gaze upon the reflection of your soul


Be alive, see into life

See into your Soul

8 responses to “Beyond the mirror

  1. I love the words and the image!
    I am looking..trying so hard to see that reflection, and sometimes I so see little shards of light through the mist. 🙂

    Your site looks wonderful..I like the softness and the “light” I feel here…it suits you!!!

    Good and creative energies to you!

    (((gypsy))) thank you my friend, perhaps it was you which enlightened my spirit… and awakened the slumber of mood… peace and light to you…. for eternity

  2. Dear enreal, to look beyond the mirror… if we do that we have achieved a lot. Enough to deserve the rest . Blessings.

    (((rainer))) I like the concept of deserving… do you think we all deserve the rest?

  3. Thinking about the mirror
    and what it reflects,
    not so much whats beyond it.
    Thats another journey in my mind…
    bright blessings
    and deep pools

    (((sorrow))) like the thoughts here… perhaps it is an easier journey to look beyond…

  4. Very lovely! Amazingly written!
    To look into the mirror of my soul…I can now see a smile that wasn’t there before. I see there are now light fragments in the background that weren’t there before…

    I see you, as one of the Mortal Angels, smiling :]

    (((glaize))) you soften my heart with your words… thank you for your light… I see more than the light fragments… I see a glorious aura… and that is simply from your words… blessings to you dear heart

  5. Beautifully written Enreal. I was watching a special on discovery channel the other night; which educated me to the fact that humans could not survive on any other planets in our solar system; I instantly thought of your beautiful poetry and said to myself; perhaps our bodies can not; but I believe our souls can travel to any planet out there, even to the stars! Thanks for the beautiful reminders each day to not forget our souls! Peace, Light and Love dearest Enreal . . . CordieB.

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