Times Horizon

I search to find
My soul divide

Why did you leave
To grieve or reprieve

Why did you go
You knew I couldn’t go

Time has always held
A stories farewell

For now we wait

A seemingly eternal fate

When we all shall meet
Welcome and greet

On the gates of times horizon
We shall enter the garden of heaven

7 responses to “Times Horizon

  1. Dear enreal, the picture is a great eyecatcher….. I like the ‘happy end’ of the poem… at last the loss is gone and unity has come again…

  2. How beautiful! And time replied; I could not wait – it could not be; My stillness is not a part of destiny; so off I go; please do not wait; embrace each moment – embrace your fate. The picture is amazing – thanks so much for sharing!

    p.s. Enreal – are you really an 8th decader? Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  3. (((mossy))) indeed it certainly is 🙂

    (((rainer))) I have been working on the happy endings… I have been lost in a haze the past few weeks… I am slowly emerging… back

    (((JO))) I first wrote this long ago… it was with my poetry book to my father… it has reemerged for him again… this time with a happy ending…

    (((Cordie))) thank you for your encouraging words… I heard your reply and it sounded like heaven to my ears… thank you… oh and 8th decader? I don’t get it… don’t laugh but I even googled it 😉

  4. Oh Enreal – according to a mutual friend of ours with the initials SF or sometimes ISF – you celebrated your 80 something birthday. You are so mentally in shape and the numbers just don’t seem to add up – I’m sorry for being so nosey – but I have been wondering if that was real since I read it after your birthday. PLL, CordieB.

    (((Cordie))) you see how rumors start 😉
    I hate to disappoint, I am only 27… that made me smile…

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