One Conversation…

If you were given a chance to have one conversation, with one person, from the past, present or future… who would it be?


I was in a discussion with my friend and this came up. We originally began the conversation of “if you could throw a dinner party and invite any ten people from history, who would you invite” We spoke for a while and listed so many possibilities… they were all great guests… A few of my suggestions… Jesus, Plato, Socrates, Einstein, Newton, Alexander The Great, JRR Tolkein, Freud, Ayn Rand, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Moses, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Khalil Gibran… to name a few…

I am sure the conversations would have been unbelievably interesting, yet who would you hold your focus on… One person… to have one conversation with… I made my decision… what’s yours?

6 responses to “One Conversation…

  1. Very interesting indeed…and my, that’s a great list of guests you have, Enreal. As to your question, it got me thinking. My first choice would be an elder me. I’d question her how satisfying Life was for her and how she has satisfied Life. And after all those years, what more has she learned? I’d ask a dozen more questions because I find it intriguing to hear myself. given the chance – a voice often unheeded by me. I want to hear that oh-so-familiar voice of myself telling me a story of Life and “I told you so”.

    Second choice would be Jesus because he and I can talk about lots of things for eternity. 😛

    (((glaize))) you my dear are a wise one… I left myself out to see which direction people went… I was on that path as well… You caught on to the “future” aspect… very interesting.

  2. Dear enreal,

    i have read about a time, when the human population had decreased to only 35.000 people all over the world, some 70000 years ago. I would like to talk to some of our ancestors in that period. They bear the survival of all mankind on their shoulders, what is their challenge and how do they cope with it?

    (((rainer))) I have learned yet another great lesson from you… Your desire to learn of survival and trials… very interesting indeed. I am sure you shall gain your insight… wonderful response

  3. My grandmother who was of Scottish stock but born and raised in India in the days of the British Raj. I only ever spent a small amount of time with her as she lived in Northern Ireland and I in Australia – I never knew her until my 20s and then only briefly. What she did tell me of her life was fascinating. I’d love to hear more. My ancestry fascinates me totally.

    (((Zen))) another great direction… some chose iconic figures from the past… historical figures… wise figures… one day you will understand all of your past and all of the purposes… I had a feeling your direction would lie within… Blessings Zen, always

  4. GREAT question 🙂

    I’d have to say that – along with Zenuria – I’d like to speak to either (or BOTH) of my grandmothers. By the time I was born, all of my grandparents (and beyond them) were gone. So I don’t really have a sense of my family tree past my parents.

    And dad didn’t talk much about his folks…

    And mom reminisces about her parents in a very one-sided, fantasy sort of way…. she was 17 when they died, one day apart, of cancer.

    I would love to speak with my maternal grandmother in particular. I look quite a bit like her, and she and my grandfather were ‘saved’ during the historic Azusa Street Revivals…having been party animals much like me 😉

    (((Grace))) Going to the past to reconnect with family is indeed a worth while conversation… sounds as if it would be a very interesting conversation… I believe somewhere in our subconciouse we have the answers to our hearts greatest requests…. Thank You Grace

  5. Anyone?
    I like the going forward in time idea..
    I would love to sit with my son when he is an old man, and ask him about his life and his memories…
    or perhaps my daughter
    If I had to go back in time..
    Sidhartha Absolutely!

    (((Sorrow))) Indeed… the thought of a future self or relative would be interesting indeed… and Sidhartha absolutely 😉

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