I love words.
The meanings, elaborate combinations of letters that can hold so much.
There are so many words that make smile.
So many words that make me cry.
So many words that make me sad.
And so many words that leave me in awe thinking of the meaning we bestowed upon them..

Language has so much potential.
If words are formulated in the right equation it could mean the difference between

Right & Wrong
Good & Bad
Night & Day
Life & Death

Who knows or holds the power of vocabulary?

Words can bring in the new light this world needs. Happiness is in the mind of the beholder, ready to be spread through the language of the world.

Here are some words that mean something to me.
Good and bad…they make me feel.

Thoughts…Silence… empyrean

I could go on…

5 responses to “Words

  1. Dear Enreal,
    while hearing you, I wish to respond with a saying “I too”.
    Our words hide the great mystery indeed. Just think. when I see the beauty of the creation, that’s the uplifting truth, but if I name our life the beauty too, then my words become the lie. What a mysterious metamorphosis of the beauty.
    You say “Who knows or holds the power of vocabulary?”
    The question opens the door into the word and we either enter the dreamland or pass by.
    The word of mouth depicts our choice and lead from personal to global truth.
    And there is no ambiguity- we can listen either with gratitude or choose the destiny of the deaf.

    (((tomas))) all I can say is WOW. Your words hold the power… beautiful indeed!! “the destiny of the deaf” I believe we are all guilty of that one… at some point… we can and should listen with gratitude!

    You should know sometimes your visions blow me away… you have a gift, you should be heard… Bless you always Tomas

  2. “Happiness is in the mind of the beholder”, how more true can you be, Enreal. And I’ll echo Tomas’ respond to you. Words are certainly powerful. The life we breathed into the world’s vocabulary is as awing as trying to explain the universe itself. And the difference it would make with a slight change it the sentence structure…oh, the difference it would make.

    I am always fascinated with words. I am always intrigued with them. I still remember when I asked a teacher back in high school, during an ice-breaking session, “Where do words come from? Why do they represent what they represent? How did their meaning came to be?”

    I was never given the answers. Yet somehow, I seem to like it that way. It gives them, these words a mystical aura, a powerful force. Words are beautiful. Words are words and more than that too.

    But for you, my dear friend, there is no word that could capture your wonderful, blessed essence.

    (((glaize))) thank you… for your words hold more than meaning… they hold life… as it should be

  3. Believe ….life ……happiness

    is what I want to believe in now , enreal .
    Life may seem bleak .
    Life may seem dark.
    I want to believe that it can only get better .
    We can only be happier .


    (((akash))) i sure hope so… I really do

  4. I too am a word junkie, I think thats why they show up in all of my work…somewhere…
    I love they way some people (ahem) weave words together in a tapestry of images that just takes you from where your sitting to some place that they have painted in the other verse…is it any wonder why I always wander here?

    (((Sorrow))) Thank You my friend… I am blessed and inspired by your light… I am happy you wandered here and we “met” bless you my friend

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