The Day

I pray for
The day when
You and I can
Sit and cry and
laugh and smile
Just for a while

I miss you so…
Time simply goes
Passes us by
Leaves some ahead
Some behind
I wait for the day



In memory of my Father… This month will be dedicated to him… his birthday… the second since he has been gone… I will be posting thoughts and poetry for him… to acknowledge him 

June 14th 1948 -December 18, 2006

4 responses to “The Day

  1. That day will come. He will be waiting for you with love and a smile. I feel sure he is with you always, dearest Enreal.

    (((ZEN))) your words, thank you…

  2. Dear enreal, this poem conveys sadness. I can feel it and I like it when a poem touch my feelings.

    (((rainer))) I often feel sadness, it is what makes me feel blessed… I am glad you liked this piece… it reflects my soul in this time…

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