For Love of Father

Unconditional Love

Daddy dear
I saw you here
Now you are far away
I wait for the day

Although it seems I am left behind
I’ve looked and looked still I can’t find
A way to remember your loving eyes
A way to forget your sad demise

Within my dreams I hear you clear
In my mind I see you near
One day soon we will meet again
And in that I find my long lost friend

3 responses to “For Love of Father

  1. Dear enreal, sorry to read, that your father is gone. It always hurts when we are left alone.

    (((rainer))) the one thing that helps me get through the day is that I am not alone… I still feel his presence… maybe it is hope, but I have a crazy belief system 😉

  2. As long as he lives within you, Enreal, he is always near. Close your eyes and hear him in the wind, so close to you, right next to you.

    I am touched.

    (((glaize))) I am touched, he will always be alive in my memories, I simply miss his voice…

  3. Enreal, I lost my father too – I know of your sorrow. I was daddy’s girl – I do miss his physical presense soooooo very much. If I could reach his world, I would; but I still have his love in my heart and memories in my mind. Peace, light and Love, CordieB.

    (((Cordie))) It was the most difficult day of my life… when I received the call, my soul cried… I screamed a scream… it was not my voice… it was deep from within… that was when my soul cried, I heard it… I know of the love and memories, they will never die, even these words we share, they will live forever. Thank You Cordie, bless you always

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