My guardians
My friends
My angels

My destiny
My Life
My choice

To hurt
To Live
To love


If I close my eyes
Never to breathe again
Will it all have been in vain?
Is my destiny to manifest
Is my path chosen?

4 responses to “Sacrifice

  1. I love the shape – like a vase.

    The path is chosen and yet we have free will. How can this be? Nothing is in vain, we do the best we can. And always we aim for more and we grow. One day we will return… one sweet day…

    (((Zen))) it will be a day of affirmation and happiness, when the day comes we will recieve all what we deserve… you my dear, are one which has touched many a Soul… you will be blessed… one sweet day

  2. Please correct me If I’m wrong. After reading “Sacrifice” numerous times, I get the feeling that each paragraph is the answer to the last one and vise versa.

    Fourth paragraph is the strongest of all. Is this the answer?:

    You “Sacrifice”
    “Accept” destiny
    And Comply with Love/Lost?

    (((Luis))) you’re correct… they answer the others, while challenging the others… I play with words… I like to omit them while leaving them open to interpretation… they are oft in simplest form so I may alter them… thank you for your questions… I am glad you found meaning here… 🙂

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