As my gaze drifts to the sky
I see the moon
A sliver of a crescent
Forming a cheshire smile

I see the faint trace
A weak outline from behind the darkness
My mind drifts
I know it is there
I can see it
It is as if the night is the veil
And the eyes are blind…

What else do we not see?
What else is hidden just beneath the surface?

What is hidden before our eyes?
Let us take a closer look…

7 responses to “Hidden

  1. …yet much other things stand in our sight, persistent to veil the hidden indeed.

    It’s lovely, Enreal. I love it. It throws so many a question at me. 🙂

    (((Glaize)))… I shall always throw questions… it is your purpose to ponder…

  2. I am sure with the eyes of the soul we know all there is to know, we see all there is to see. We are not blind, we just have not been taught the way of the soul. As with everything, all it takes is practice.

    (((Norea))) what a beautiful concept… I see your thoughts, thank you

  3. ‘Tis the darkness that reveals the light…eh?

    This is beautiful and thought provoking.

    Thank you dear one.

    (((Gypsy))) Thank You my friend… I would love to see the thoughts that come…

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