5 responses to “Watch her eyes…

  1. They are beautifully green….with a far away fey look…..

    Interesting painting…. the right arm, totally under the shawl?…

    On a cloth…perhaps canvas….tacked to a wall, with a unique candle by the corner……

    Is this your work? Looks very eastern European
    I sense you’re close to this painting…..
    Perhaps it’s someone you know….
    Perhaps your mother…
    Perhaps it is you…..

    Perhaps I’m all wet behind the ears 🙂

    Regardles, a beautiful painting…

    (((Alan)))… you have an amazing eye… I smiled when you described the scene… you are closer than you think

  2. Hello enreal, I don’t know what she sees, but I like what I see. There is a lot of change in this painting.

    Thank you for adding me on your blogroll. I added you to mine, if you don’t mind.

    (((Rainer)))… Only she knows…

  3. Her eyes, they are stern but I see a caring look in her face. Her arched brows, they make me wonder what she wonders in her mind. The painting, for me, reflects a mother – strong but soft, firm but gentle.

    It’s a beautiful painting, yes. How very lovely. It must mean so much to you (at least the woman in the painting makes me feel so).

    (((Glaize)))… indeed, the artist is my mother… the painting does mean a great deal to me…

  4. Very good question to invoke reflection and thought, thank-you!
    What she sees is unique to her, no one else will ever see what she sees.

    (((Mark)))… no one will ever see what she sees… isn’t that amazing… her eyes forever hold that silence that vision…

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