Conversation with Knowledge

…this glorious twilight, there has always been something in the light, something in light…

But what does the twilight have to do with my question? How are you Knowledge and yet so distracted?

…Patience, Observation, Purpose, Thought, and Wisdom…The question you asked pertains to all and to none…

Am I ever going to understand? All my life I never realized I could find answers, and now I know that I can not.

…Why must everything be about the end? Why must you and all others receive an answer? Why, when it took an endless lifetime of searches and contemplation with my Soul…why do you deserve to know, more than all others before you and all others to come?

I thought if ever there was a chance, just one answer…

…That is all? Just one answer? Well then…Yes…

Yes? But what about an explanation, what happens next, what about reason…

…Have you forgotten your question so soon…In your Quest for Knowledge have your thoughts ever grasped the largeness of possibilities. Patience, Observation, Purpose, Thought, and Wisdom…they all pertain to Knowledge. And with my answer I give to you, are you still not satisfied? Have I not quenched the thirst in your one question…I gave you your one answer…

…Perhaps another question, for I was too rash…how were you to comprehend a power such as Knowledge…

I have learned and indebted to you, so may I contemplate, use my Patience, Observation, Purpose, Thought, and Wisdom, may I have time to formulate my next question?

…Use all that and more…for you will see that knowledge in contemplation is the key…you have and always will have the answer within…I will reaffirm your question…let us begin our search…let us begin

Conversation with Death

…please don’t be upset…what plagues you? Is this the fear you always speak of, the fear that breaks your spirit…It is sad you can not speak your souls tongue…would you like me to interpret for you?

“I do not understand, is my soul not part of my mind or body, am I not connected with my soul? I am so confused…”

…no, no, no…let me rephrase that, you are connected, just not thinking the same. Sometimes during our journey we forget to look at the map, the directions are embedded in our memory. The same is true for your soul. Your soul holds so many answers…you know they are there, you just forget to look. Our soul speaks in a silent tongue, an ancient language of God…an amazing ballad set to make the body move. It is one thing to be born…it is another thing to be alive…You are alive!

“I can feel its answers, I can sense the truth, I am aware of its power. Yet, I can not understand if it is an illusion of my mind, or an appeasement to my senses. Either way I know not…”

What can be done to ease your sorrows, for I know not even what sorrows you?

“I fear for my heart, I fear for my soul, I feel the frailty of loss.
I fear the frailty of loss, for I have lost but few, and those few I ponder…”
“I do not fear you, I fear the wake left in my place, I fear the uncertainty of feeling the same love…”
“Love of my soul-mates…not lovers…but sisters, fathers, mothers, brothers…
What have I if I can not have them again? The same love?”

“That is what sorrows me”

Speak to your Soul, rest assured, you know…you will always and have always known…

And then there was silence…

Conversation with Life

To be completely honest, you must release these emotions,
They will hurt you.
Your mind is confused. Boggled are emotions.
A prisoner of the mind

“… I have no one to talk to.
No One wants me.
I betrayed them all, without their knowing.
I gave up…”

Why? We can lie until we believe.
It all catches up. Why do we lie to ourselves?

“My hurt is from other peoples’ insecurities,
They create a jail, a solitary cage. I try to please others and all I receive in turn is a slap in the face. I have finally become overwhelmed with the desire to reflect off other peoples’ “Poisons”. What I am implying is simple. People reflect inner poison. Their unhappiness in life, hatred, jealousy, the intention of causing pain. Well, for once I want to vent off the frustration of smiling at someone, when behind the facade is the cruelest intentions.

You dream of running,
To a strange parallel land,
not hated, not loved, Unknown.

“If only I had the courage,”

Someday You will.
I only wish you love, happiness, fellowship…not alone
Not alone

“I have been hurt, and regard people as puppets, each marionette being controlled by the others hand. The strings being tangled in a web. And the web is full of poison.”

“Sometimes, I become so sad. Just hearing soft words, or now and then hearing a sweet melody. I feel like my life is not complete.”

let me sing that sweet melody,
a melancholy tune
I can do that


“”Give them nothing,”said the saint. “Take rather part of their load, and carry it along with them-that would be most agreeable to them: if only it agrees with you!” -Friedrich Neitzche, “Thus spoke Zarathustra”


Your cries are for the piteous

Your sighs are for the greedy

Your worries are for the selfish

Yet you remain selfless


With tears you break spirits

Yet light and peace are behind those eyes

Remind yourself this burden you carry is not yours

It is empathy’s war


When the angel brought your soul

When the angel called your spirit

You tried

All in all

All and all

Ashes and Gems

Surviving your fall


You bring forth Joy

You carry your light

You are beauty

Bring forth life


Be well

Time will show her plan

Time will tell her secrets

She will beckon to you


Start Quoting Yourself

We need to share each other…we look for words of wisdom from the past…we look for words from the wise…look into yourself, start quoting yourself! Share them with me…

“Life and the power it holds for each and everyone of us. We as individuals are all apart of the same world. We as individuals are not as individual as we may seem. Asking questions that need to be asked but are far from being answered” -Enreal

“Know yourself and you will know that there are times that moving forward may not feel the way that you perceive that it should. The more aware you are, the more tuned in you are you will recognize what is normal discomfort and what are intuitive red flags that are there to warn you of a mis-step”- Mark Brown

“What matters is rarely matter.”-Rob Gruber

“Should you be brave enough, strong enough, wise enough to perceive it, there is a beauty and wonder in life beyond the barrier fashioned by the illusion. Embrace it. Revel in it. Liberate yourself though it. Become one with it. Stop judging me . . . stop judging them . . . stop judging you. Forgive everyone and everything. Then, give yourself permission to take my hand and make this passage with me.”- Miss Demure Restraint

A thought is a creation, a manifestation of emotions strong enough to surface, yet subtle enough to remain in thought…Long forgotten or briefly remembered…always there, for eternity” -Enreal

“The depth of steps we leave in life is defined by our love one to other” –Tomas

Tidal Wave

You dreamt of this
A force unseen

You dreamt of this
An energy obscured

You dreamt of this
This place, this vision

Forgetting the fear
Retracing the purpose

Before you arrives
As if sent by meaning

This chaos
This confusion

Before you falls
A weight of life

A strength
An answer

Before you fades
As a veiled mirage

This peace
This victory

So then why
This fear
This angst

You conquer
You defeat

A minds tidal wave
Gracious potential