“”Give them nothing,”said the saint. “Take rather part of their load, and carry it along with them-that would be most agreeable to them: if only it agrees with you!” -Friedrich Neitzche, “Thus spoke Zarathustra”


Your cries are for the piteous

Your sighs are for the greedy

Your worries are for the selfish

Yet you remain selfless


With tears you break spirits

Yet light and peace are behind those eyes

Remind yourself this burden you carry is not yours

It is empathy’s war


When the angel brought your soul

When the angel called your spirit

You tried

All in all

All and all

Ashes and Gems

Surviving your fall


You bring forth Joy

You carry your light

You are beauty

Bring forth life


Be well

Time will show her plan

Time will tell her secrets

She will beckon to you


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