Conversation with Life

To be completely honest, you must release these emotions,
They will hurt you.
Your mind is confused. Boggled are emotions.
A prisoner of the mind

“… I have no one to talk to.
No One wants me.
I betrayed them all, without their knowing.
I gave up…”

Why? We can lie until we believe.
It all catches up. Why do we lie to ourselves?

“My hurt is from other peoples’ insecurities,
They create a jail, a solitary cage. I try to please others and all I receive in turn is a slap in the face. I have finally become overwhelmed with the desire to reflect off other peoples’ “Poisons”. What I am implying is simple. People reflect inner poison. Their unhappiness in life, hatred, jealousy, the intention of causing pain. Well, for once I want to vent off the frustration of smiling at someone, when behind the facade is the cruelest intentions.

You dream of running,
To a strange parallel land,
not hated, not loved, Unknown.

“If only I had the courage,”

Someday You will.
I only wish you love, happiness, fellowship…not alone
Not alone

“I have been hurt, and regard people as puppets, each marionette being controlled by the others hand. The strings being tangled in a web. And the web is full of poison.”

“Sometimes, I become so sad. Just hearing soft words, or now and then hearing a sweet melody. I feel like my life is not complete.”

let me sing that sweet melody,
a melancholy tune
I can do that

7 responses to “Conversation with Life

  1. Mind pretends to hide the heart.
    who in the background coninutes beating just as loud
    hurting, rejoicing, crashing and flying again
    never ever destroyed or diminished.

    Be still Mind,
    let your master lead you.
    Soon you and she, and all things
    will live in radiant harmony.

    (((Dry Branch)))…Wow Thank you for your beautiful words!

  2. This interesting. Mind pretend to hide who we really are and what we want to achieve. It’s the mind that have fear not us. It’s the mind that have don’t believe not us. Not trying to blame the mind but to explain who we really are is not the sets of thoughts.

    Alex Liu
    How To Become A Millionaire

    (((Alex))) Interesting observation, Thank you for the comment

  3. I’m going to write a poem on this inspiration. Coming soon to a blog near you! Thanks for the inspiration!

    (((Cordie)))… Thank You, I can not wait…

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