Conversation with Knowledge

…this glorious twilight, there has always been something in the light, something in light…

But what does the twilight have to do with my question? How are you Knowledge and yet so distracted?

…Patience, Observation, Purpose, Thought, and Wisdom…The question you asked pertains to all and to none…

Am I ever going to understand? All my life I never realized I could find answers, and now I know that I can not.

…Why must everything be about the end? Why must you and all others receive an answer? Why, when it took an endless lifetime of searches and contemplation with my Soul…why do you deserve to know, more than all others before you and all others to come?

I thought if ever there was a chance, just one answer…

…That is all? Just one answer? Well then…Yes…

Yes? But what about an explanation, what happens next, what about reason…

…Have you forgotten your question so soon…In your Quest for Knowledge have your thoughts ever grasped the largeness of possibilities. Patience, Observation, Purpose, Thought, and Wisdom…they all pertain to Knowledge. And with my answer I give to you, are you still not satisfied? Have I not quenched the thirst in your one question…I gave you your one answer…

…Perhaps another question, for I was too rash…how were you to comprehend a power such as Knowledge…

I have learned and indebted to you, so may I contemplate, use my Patience, Observation, Purpose, Thought, and Wisdom, may I have time to formulate my next question?

…Use all that and more…for you will see that knowledge in contemplation is the key…you have and always will have the answer within…I will reaffirm your question…let us begin our search…let us begin

3 responses to “Conversation with Knowledge

  1. Wise. Realizing possiblities can be inspirational. Contemplation can bring miraculous transformations.

    Begin? Time has a strange flavor. Let us live the question, now.

    (((Dry Branch))) Excellent Interpretation!! Yes, let us live the question!

  2. Well it took me a while, but I am very pleased to have found your conversations. This is great work.

    (((brad))) very glad you liked this conversation

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