Start Quoting Yourself

We need to share each other…we look for words of wisdom from the past…we look for words from the wise…look into yourself, start quoting yourself! Share them with me…

“Life and the power it holds for each and everyone of us. We as individuals are all apart of the same world. We as individuals are not as individual as we may seem. Asking questions that need to be asked but are far from being answered” -Enreal

“Know yourself and you will know that there are times that moving forward may not feel the way that you perceive that it should. The more aware you are, the more tuned in you are you will recognize what is normal discomfort and what are intuitive red flags that are there to warn you of a mis-step”- Mark Brown

“What matters is rarely matter.”-Rob Gruber

“Should you be brave enough, strong enough, wise enough to perceive it, there is a beauty and wonder in life beyond the barrier fashioned by the illusion. Embrace it. Revel in it. Liberate yourself though it. Become one with it. Stop judging me . . . stop judging them . . . stop judging you. Forgive everyone and everything. Then, give yourself permission to take my hand and make this passage with me.”- Miss Demure Restraint

A thought is a creation, a manifestation of emotions strong enough to surface, yet subtle enough to remain in thought…Long forgotten or briefly remembered…always there, for eternity” -Enreal

“The depth of steps we leave in life is defined by our love one to other” –Tomas