Conversation with Death

…please don’t be upset…what plagues you? Is this the fear you always speak of, the fear that breaks your spirit…It is sad you can not speak your souls tongue…would you like me to interpret for you?

“I do not understand, is my soul not part of my mind or body, am I not connected with my soul? I am so confused…”

…no, no, no…let me rephrase that, you are connected, just not thinking the same. Sometimes during our journey we forget to look at the map, the directions are embedded in our memory. The same is true for your soul. Your soul holds so many answers…you know they are there, you just forget to look. Our soul speaks in a silent tongue, an ancient language of God…an amazing ballad set to make the body move. It is one thing to be born…it is another thing to be alive…You are alive!

“I can feel its answers, I can sense the truth, I am aware of its power. Yet, I can not understand if it is an illusion of my mind, or an appeasement to my senses. Either way I know not…”

What can be done to ease your sorrows, for I know not even what sorrows you?

“I fear for my heart, I fear for my soul, I feel the frailty of loss.
I fear the frailty of loss, for I have lost but few, and those few I ponder…”
“I do not fear you, I fear the wake left in my place, I fear the uncertainty of feeling the same love…”
“Love of my soul-mates…not lovers…but sisters, fathers, mothers, brothers…
What have I if I can not have them again? The same love?”

“That is what sorrows me”

Speak to your Soul, rest assured, you know…you will always and have always known…

And then there was silence…