What does God see?
How does He feel?
If you could be with Him,
How would you feel?
Would you feel proud?
Or perhaps weak?

If you had to explain the situations of today?
Yes there is good in people…
Yes there is hope out there…
There is Faith…

Is that enough to shade the indifference?
How would the doubt be hidden?
What of wars and malevolence?

That is on our shoulders
In our conscience
And we should be ashamed
No, we can not fix the world
We can become aware

To question what God feels
To think of what He sees
To think that He does not understand all aspects
To not believe in the reasons
He holds the reasons
We learn from His reasons

We are guided by His intentions

Not forced, nor lead

Simply shown a possible way

Let us be more aware
And less blind
Let us become more like Him
Let us not lose the vision

Nor the hope we declare to Him

4 responses to “See

  1. I enjoyed the way you swung this around to view from God’s perspective and how he feels. I imagine he isn’t feeling too inspired by his creations. Of course I take the perspective that if there is a God, that he/she or it creates so much he/she/it doesn’t have time to worry about us.

  2. inifinite nature means always, in all ways. something tells me relative to these 3 dimensions, he/she has time for whatever he/she feels is necessary =]

  3. I guess God being God….he loves all….the good…the bad…the ugly….but would he not smile if all of us would love as he does….our neighbors…our enemies…if we all would quest for peace in all lives….if all would give to be sure no one is hungry or without shelter….

    Sometimes I am ashamed of people….how they treat one another….but then I cannot judge or change another….only keep the hope alive that all of us will find our peace and love….keep our faith….

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